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Hey guys! Been playing at this site and it's really worth a look ( - been around a couple of years now, and it's a bit of a hidden gem and worth knowing about i think, (yes bit shameless my affiliate) - Please be safe out there and check it out on other safe places etc :)

but the thing you need to know about it in the usual murky world of crypto is it's GDPR compliant, all your bet history can be downloaded as well as chat history etc etc so , using a verifiable fair system (not new) but in a way that it's irrefutable that your seeds are not messed with, and only offers up currencies with careful consideration, at moment BTC, LTC, BTG, BCH, ETC, ETH, XMR and XRP - and keeps adding them, but slowly, which to me is a lot more trust worthy than some of the noise,

really friendly super community too, has self-ban and out-right delete account , auto-roll features that help a user control their gambling etc etc, i really think these guys are goinga be a big thing in the crypto gambling space, and i don't really get why their not more well known considering a lot of the shady stuff you see, and just thought i lend some support to them, best thing is their faucet system, at level 5 you get 3500 sats a claim 55x a day, i was really weirded out at that but it's only offered to the top 50 players in a kinda ranking system, but i got there with just gambling with about 500 usd which goes to show how small this place is and it deserves to be busier really

anyways, bit of a plug, but it's really worth checking out, i don't know of any place that actually lets you download your full bet histories?? would be interested to know if you know of places that do.
Newbies / Re: - the Best faucets 2018
« Last post by mehrez on Today at 03:22:37 PM »
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Newbies / Re: the best 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges ever
« Last post by mehrez on Today at 03:20:36 PM »
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We all want to lead a beautiful life, but it often gets compromised because of the financial troubles, which mostly is to do with the wrong choices we make. And this is where and why the world of Crypto can make the difference.

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Alliance Token is partnered with The Quintessentially Group, the world's preeminent Private Event, and Unique Experience Concierge Company. The goal is to provide the Members with unforgettable experiences ranging from private concerts to whirlwind excursions in exotic venues with the finest dining the world has to offer!

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In keeping with the core value of luxury and unique offerings, the prizes will be exciting and compelling. You will definitely want to participate!!! With having aligned with a third-party industry leader in contest and sweepstakes technology to ensure the integrity of the draws.

In addition to bringing the Members incredible offers from some of the world's top luxury brands, each draw will benefit Global Children's Charities and as well and Animal and Environmental Non-Profit Groups with a portion of the proceeds as directed by the Membership. 

Imagine becoming part of a distributed global community of members who have EXCLUSIVE access to incredible unique luxury products and experiences. All you need is Alliance Token to be a member of this. But not just this as the members together are able to support children’s charitable foundations and non-profit groups along with the exclusive luxury offers!

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Security and technical support / Re: How Bitcoin mining works?
« Last post by crroman18 on Today at 02:36:04 PM »
True there are many factors that impact your success in crypto mining.. but the major one no one talks about is the network is not optimized for blockchain tech. This post explains it well hopefully with scalability solutions on the network level we won't need to spend so much money on expensive hardware to be profitable in mining.
« Last post by deepone on Today at 02:22:38 PM »
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[/size]Another one:[/font]

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Bitcoin discussion / Never say die to Bitcoin
« Last post by emma.lee1890 on Today at 01:08:34 PM »
Quit Bitcoin and sell at your BTC at cheap today and regret later. The news coming from the governments are planned with the aim of creating FUD in potential investors because the governments are afraid of the power of decentralization. However, this power of decentralization cannot be stopped because it has already gained roots on the market as more and more people become familiar with the concepts and benefits of Bitcoin and the entire crypto.
Bitcoin discussion / Safety can not come to the bitcoin investor
« Last post by emma.lee1890 on Today at 12:58:17 PM »
Safety can not come to the bitcoin investor. Nothing and absolutely safe. Everything has its own risk, its danger. No one knows what tomorrow will be like. Only know that if we do nothing then there is no danger nor money risk.
Вопросы от пользователей

Привет. При размещении монет на VIP плане по акции "Деньги за GRIF" нужно делать отчеты 15-17 числа?

Приветствую! На планах линейки VIP, присылать отчеты не нужно. Расчет идет по умолчанию. Главное заполните один из реквизитов для получения вознаграждения. В данный момент доступны AdvancedCash, QIWI, YandexMoney, Payeer, Банковские карты.
Bitcoin discussion / Crypto exchanges not helping Bitcoin!
« Last post by emma.lee1890 on Today at 12:51:52 PM »

With all of these new exchanges popping up here there and everywhere, i am seeing a very common theme and it's one i don't like AT ALL and i feel it gives bitcoin/crypto a bad reputation in general. What am i talking about? Trading competitions! Where you can win XXX amount of whatever crypto for being the most active or hitting a certain limit. Don't get me wrong, i'm sure there are a few people out there who will do alright from these deals, but i imagine the vast majority end up losing in the short term or the long run.
For me, its targeting the wrong audience. It does absolutely nothing toward our hallowed "mass adoption" hopes, and its encouraging gambling all so that the said exchange can make a profit in fees! Yet we wonder why the SEC are so reluctant to give crypto its blessing!  Roll Eyes

Whats your thoughts?
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