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Bitcoin (BTC)–While most of the cryptomarkets and its investor base scramble to find the cause over the recent bottoming-out in the market, which has made only a modest recovery in the past few days, one analyst has an interesting take on the falling price of Bitcoin and altcoins: a strengthening U.S. Dollar.

Since the start of August, the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a roller coaster ride in terms of volatility. While the end of July seemingly signaled a recovery in the market, and possibly a bullish return for investors, subsequent price action has shed a different light. Following widespread faith in the passage of a Bitcoin Exchange Traded-Fund by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the market made a decent recovery, with Bitcoin rising above $8000 and holding its position. However, a series of events led to a decrease in investor confidence, beginning with the SEC’s denial of the Winklevoss Twins’ proposed ETF.

New York-based firm VanEck has been the leading candidate for approval in the creation of the world’s first Bitcoin ETF, but also saw a setback in the form of the SEC delaying decision from early August to the end of September. Following news of a delay and another potential denial of a regulated ETF, the bears pushed the price of Bitcoin down to $6000, with altcoins getting obliterated in the fallout and posting double-digit losses on an already hurting industry. At this point, the norm among the altcoin market is 95 percent or more losses since the all-time high experienced at the beginning of January, creating a market that has been very bearish throughout 2018–and possibly little end in sight.

In addition to weakened investor confidence via the SEC delaying its decision on a Bitcoin ETF, analysts also speculated that a mass ICO cashing out was hurting the market of cryptocurrency. Ethereum in particular took hard losses early in the week, falling to below price levels experienced at this point last year. The thought process was that ICOs, which are almost universally built on top of Ethereum’s ERC-20 token, were cashing out in volume to cover costs associated with the falling crypto market. Arthur Hayes, CEO and co-founder of BitMEx, made the claim that ICO investors would continue the sell-off, thereby driving the price of ETH to below $100. However,  eToro’s senior market analyst Mati Greenspan disagrees. Instead of ICO sell-off depressing the price of cryptocurrency, Greenspan blames a strengthening U.S. dollar as being indicative of the market turn,

As much as some in the cryptocurrency industry consider digital currencies waging a war against traditional fiat, the U.S. dollar may actually be to blame for the falling price of crypto. While being a safeguard against deflation has long been a selling point for cryptocurrency, Greenspan contends that a strengthening U.S. dollar alleviates that fear, in addition to providing security against price volatility.
Ethereum / FREE ETH !!!
« Last post by nyeff on Today at 09:16:15 PM »

Hi guys I hope you are doing good.

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ICO / Re: [ICO] (MDX) Modex - Smart Contract Marketplace
« Last post by John Ogden on Today at 08:16:44 PM »

The Modex Whitelist is now Open!
Modex has opened the whitelisting process ahead of the main token sale, scheduled for the 15th of September, offering interested contributors the chance to choose from three different packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

70% of cryptocurrency exchanges allow user accounts to have weak passwords. SIGEN does not.

The creators of the Dashlane password manager analyzed the password requirements imposed by cryptocurrency exchanges.

They concluded that over 70% of all cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to use weak passwords. This can actually be seen as indifference to users' welfare, because their savings are at risk: accounts with weak passwords are vulnerable to hackers.

What is required to make a strong password?

- A password must be at least 8 characters long;
- It must have both lowercase and uppercase letters;
- It must include numbers.

It turns out that only about 30% of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms fully comply with these requirements. The remaining 70% do not. Moreover, 43% of the analyzed platforms allow passwords shorter than 8 characters, and 34% do not require both letters and numbers.

Exchanges are unlikely to earn a good reputation with such an attitude toward user accounts. We recommend that you do not open accounts on such exchanges and certainly never keep funds there.

The SIGEN cryptocurrency exchange cares about your security

The SIGEN cryptocurrency exchange imposes stringent password requirements that comply with established standards. Additionally, mandatory two-factor identification has been introduced on the platform, as noted in a previous article. These security measures can reliably protect your savings from thieves. Using the SIGEN platform is simple and safe: we care about you!
ICO / Re: [ANN] [ICO] Ambit (AMBT) Become part of the Mining Family
« Last post by John Ogden on Today at 07:08:43 PM »

Bitcoin Mining with Ambit Mining. Post ICO update with CEO

Ambit Mining ICO is over. I catch up with Beka to find out how it went, the plans for the future, and when token holders will get returns on their investments.

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The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase now offers a way for customers to purchase retail goods and services using cryptocurrency, thanks to a new partnership with a digital gift card startup - WeGift.

Read more:

GEMERA, the Colombian Emerald-Backed Crypto-Token, Announces Pre-Sale to Commence September 10th
GEMERA, The long-awaited crypto-token backed 100% by Colombian emeralds, has announced that its
pre-sale will go live on September 10th, with a 20% bonus for early participants.


Don’t rely on yourself to take the time and energy to invest regularly. We all have busy lives. Instead, invest automatically with every paycheck so that you don’t fall victim to laziness or panic and stop buying if stocks are down.

Another thing you should do is re-balance, which means resetting your investments back to your original allocation after you’ve given them some time to grow. For instance, if you started with 80% in stocks and 20% in bonds, but after a year, your stocks comprised 85% of your portfolio, you should sell your equities to get back to 80%.

Harness the depth and breadth of our capabilities to build tailored investment portfolios that are designed to meet your individual needs and objectives.

The Multi-Asset Group specializes in the construction and management of multi-manager and diversified investment portfolios, working in harmony with the dedicated investment teams in real estate, infrastructure, equities and fixed income. They also specialize in dynamic asset allocation, proactively positioning portfolios designed to negotiate the ups and downs of the market cycle.

Part of AA union Capital investment is focus on Blockchain development, their project including on-built new concept upgraded on Blockchain Technology, called Vguard Protocol (VP) and KYCbench, it can revolutionize the industry by increasing trust and contract reliability. Blockchain is earning its much-touted role as a disruptive, transformative technology for generating, sharing, accessing, and protecting digital information. Safeguard your data while allowing partners to see and use what they need in a secure environment. Blockchain development services from AA UNION CAPITAL can help speed up the deployment and start seeing significant improvements in trust and performance.

To be successful investors and find the financial freedom here is the solution called AA Union Capital.

They are cooperating with team of over 135 investment professionals and network of global partners operate across a broad range of assets 85 licensed experts in asset allocation, portfolio management, investment consulting, capital protection,risk management and implementation.

Customized accounts and direct deals are tailored for institutional or ultra-high net worth investors who seek direct access to proper investments that they can source and develop. These can be opportunistic or developed for specific risk-return needs. They can be single or multi-asset from around the world.

The services include customized accounts, liability-based investments, bespoke investment solutions, co-investments and portfolios tailored to your specific requirements

Here are the investment solutions with your fund in right way, please find in-detail below.

1. Real Estate:

    Real estate is a diverse asset class which can provide investors with access to a broad range of income as well as growth-producing assets. Investing in a real estate fund provides access to a geographically diversified portfolio of high quality commercial assets including: offices, shopping centers and industrial buildings.

2. Fixed Income:

    Fixed income is a broad asset class, spanning the risk and return spectrum, from government bonds to corporate bonds and hybrid investments. Skilled managers tailor investments to meet clients’ individual investment requirements. Fixed income securities or bonds play a vital role in a portfolio, providing an important source of capital stability, income, liquidity and diversification. Our research shows institutions invest between 13 and 34% of their portfolios in fixed income. Fixed income provides: An important source of capital stability and The potential for regular income and Portfolio diversification benefits from low correlations to riskier assets.

3. Equities:

    Equities are a broad and deep asset class which forms the basis for many institutional portfolios, providing access to both capital growth and yield opportunities. We believe successful investment in equities requires active management and specialist teams with the ability to know stocks better, helping to reduce risk and deliver greater insights into wider market trends and investment opportunities. Equity provides: Are an important source of liquidity, Provide the potential for capital growth and income and Offer significant opportunities for active managers to add value.

4. Multi Asset Solutions:

    Multi-asset solutions can be an important part of a portfolio as they provide significant diversification via exposure to multiple asset classes and sectors and the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. AMP Capital’s Multi Asset Group specialises in the construction and management of multi-asset portfolio solutions, including both pooled funds and customised investment mandates. Multi-asset solutions offer: A globally diversified range of opportunities, Access to some of the world’s most recognized investment managers and The potential for smoother investment returns and downside protection.

In the recent years, AA Union Capital has invested successfully blockchain related assets including various ICOs and Blockchain related service provider such as KYCBench to be the rules maker to the crypto market.

AA UNION advantages:

Use 100% cold storage ensuring that your crypto assets remain secure and will be available to meet investor redemption and verification requirements. Their custody model protects custodied assets by ensuring that they are never commingled with assets held in customer trading accounts.

Work privately with one of their experienced traders straight through settlement.

Access AA union global network of clients across over 100 countries.

Flat rate fees per transaction fixed percentage for escrow service.

AA OTC Trading Desk can arrange the purchase or sale of large blocks of Bitcoin. In order to trade through the OTC Desk, both buyer or seller accounts must have ready on deposit cash or bitcoin to settle a trade of at least 25 XBT. The OTC Desk is active 9 am to 4 pm EDT on working days (UTC+1).

AA OTC trading process in relatively simple. Contact the AA OTC Desk with orders via telephone or Skype or Email. The OTC Desk representitive will request quotes from other participants in the OTC marketplace. They will respond to you with the best bid or offer from the group. From there, the OTC Desk will negotiate with both sides to attempt to agree on price. If the parties agree on price and transfer method, the trade is complete and their representative will send a confirmation with settlement instructions. Most trades settle the same day.

The settlement process is to enter a withdrawal from your own bank account to AA custody account. AA union escrow holds the currency or XBT until the counterparty has fulfilled their obligation. Once both sides have delivered, the deal is closed.

AA UNION CAPITAL Investment Strategy

Value Investing in Sectors Where AA UNION CAPITAL Has Proven Expertise, Applying private equity disciplines to maximize value and drive returns in infrastructure assets.

Transport, Energy and Utilities, Communications and Infrastructure Health.

AA Union Capital Employs a Consistent, Robust and Exhaustive Approach to its Investment Processes,

Driving value creation within the individual portfolio company

Identifying and executing value accretive acquisitions
Selection of high calibre non-executive directors
Operational efficiency improvements
Management team selection, development and incentivisation
Optimising business planning
Driving strategic direction
Leading contract negotiations
Growth projects
Capital management and structuring
Influencing other shareholders

Proactive and consistent application of AA Union Capital’s infrastructure heritage approach drives value across the portfolio

Asset transition plans and 100 day plans
Unified approach to HR strategies
Portfolio synergies
Joint ventures to harness strengths across investors
Cyber security
Imbedding ESG considerations
Tax optimisation
Developing and implementing hedging strategies
Procurement expertise

They work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give the clients the highest quality advice possible.

Visit and get your financial solution -

To Clarify your any kind of queries, feel free to send an e-mail to

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