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thank u for giving time to understand
Bitcoin discussion / Re: What is your favorite #Bitcoin Slang?
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Bitcoin discussion / Re: What is your best Bitcoin Security practices?
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Always backup to a secured external hard drive!
Newbies / Who are these "Big Whales"?
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Who are these "Big Whales" people are saying that affects the rise/drop of crypto valuation?
Introductions / Hello! Bonjour! Ni hao! ...
« Last post by contentcreatorcoin on Today at 05:57:18 AM »
I am the community manager for Content Creator Coin. Nice to meet you all. Looking forward to discussions and answering any questions. Thank you.

The MainSale is live! This is a passion project. The specifics of the content creator ecosystem may change, however, we will continue to use ASMR tokens as the main currency in order to secure early adopter value, in proportion to their token ownership. Details of ICO on Medium and below:

Thank you!


The Dark Horse ICO

  • Tokens: ASMR tokens will continue to be used as the main currency for all, if any, future iterations of the content creator cryptocurrency ecosystem. Early adopters will retain their proportional ownership — thank you for your support!
  • Recruiting: At this stage we are interested in all candidates with a desire to improve the content creator [financial] ecosystem. Preferred qualifications include previous startup experience or functional expertise as demonstrated through work or personal projects.

The purpose of this document is threefold:
  • Describe the ASMR coin
  • Publicize efforts for the purpose of finding additional team members
  • Describe how to participate in the MainSale

You’ve invested in other ICO’s, or maybe this is your first time. We don’t have a deep bench of connections in Silicon Valley. We don’t have a team of veteran marketers, funders, etc.
What we do know is that the content creator funding system is broken.
What we do have are a small team of software developers and a wide range of friends in finance, sales, law, etc.
What we have access to are close connections in Ethereum and MakerDAO development.
And we’re scrappy as hell (the author is eating pasta and peppers as I type this — salute to Elon Musk!).

Ecosystem Overview

ASMR Coin: Keeping Content Creators Alive — Income for Quirky People
ASMR coin’s ecosystem is intended to create a self-enhancing environment where content creators can get paid, patrons can support their favorite content creators, and the broader public can invest in content creation (think stocks).
“Autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR) was chosen as a funny name for the project due to the latest YouTube trends and the fact that Andrew on the team watches ASMR at night. In case you are unfamiliar with the size of this type of industry, ASMR YouTube videos alone create millions each year.

The Need for a New Content Creation Funding System
Today, content creators contend with an uncertain environment for their content. They rely on uncertain sources such as advertising (direct sponsorship, passive ads such as YouTube, etc.), selling products (direct or through affiliates), donations (e.g. Patreon), and other means to fund their projects. Often, these methods distract from the main goal of generating content for their fans. The ASMR Coin team personally knows several YouTubers who opt not to spend time fundraising or creating ancillary products.

Content Creator Network
The Content Creator Network (CCN), like other blockchain networks, is a distributed, peer-to-peer network where creators, fans, and investors can send and receive ASMR coins.
The CCN is an augmentation of the current content creator ecosystem —we do not see it as a replacement, at least not yet.
The CCN offers a broader range of capabilities than is currently available to content creators, as it is based on Ethereum technology and capable of smart contracts. Users can invest in cohorts, create scheduled payments based on certain criteria being satisfied, and open content creation to a greater investor base, just to name a few applications.

The stakeholders for the CCN are expected to be the following. The currency for the CCN will be the ASMR token.
  • Content Creators — create content across variety of platforms
  • Fans — enjoy content and sometimes contribute
  • Investors — invest in specific content creators or groups of content creators they find promising
  • ASMR Coin Team — develop the ecosystem and protect against bad actors (governance model currently in development)


The ASMR Coin is a passion project. If you would like to join the mission to create a better content creator ecosystem, please email us at
We are always looking to connect with blockchain developers and entrepreneurs on a mission. We are located in Bay Area and New York — let us know if you would like to chat! As you can tell, we are busy making this a reality. Only serious interested parties, please.

How to Participate

The private/angel round is completed. We are initiating a public token launch for early adopters interested in the project. These tokens will be the main form of currency for the CCN i.e. can be used as store of value, to pay content creators, to invest in content categories, etc. Early adopters receive a discounted price to reward the higher risk they are taking.
There is currently no plan for further sales. Future ASMR currency will only be available through exchanges or peer-to-peer. We reserve the right to monitor need for sales as needed.

We will be using the funds for:
  • Hire assistance for gap knowledge areas e.g. marketing, design, legal — 50%
  • Reward early adopters and generate interest in the project — 40%
  • Misc. expenses — 10%
We have no idea how popular this project will be, so are issuing 100M tokens at ~$1/each, with 40% in reserve for future needs.
On February 20th at 2pm PST (5pm EST), the ASMR token sale will begin.

Token Distribution Overview
  • Token Symbol: ASMR
  • Minimum Purchase: 1 ASMR token ~= 0.001 ETH
  • Accepting: Ethereum
  • ERC20 Token: Yes
  • Sale Date: Feb 20th, 2pm PST
  • Recommended Gas Limit: 300,000
The public sale event begins February 20, 2:00 pm PST. Please be ready to go at this time. The sale ends March 20, 2:00 pm PST.

Steps to Participate
  • For first time crypto crowdsale participants, see standard example directions here:
  • We are not endorsing specific wallets, but popular wallets include MyEtherWallet, Mist, and MetaMask.
  • From your wallet, please send your desired amount of ETH from the wallet to the crowdsale address which will go live Feb 20th at 2pm PST: 0xCC93c49D3645749C0a663c6BA04D16abae3827BF
  • Receivable token address: 0x94D721aF1Fb446Bf8967CF8b6E3B02F8B3229eaF
  • Do NOT send ETH before Feb 20th 2pm PST. You will lose your ETH.
  • Do NOT send ETH from an exchange address (such as Coinbase). You will lose your purchased ASMR tokens.
  • If you have your ETH on an exchange or a hosted wallet (such as Coinbase), you must first transfer the ETH to an ERC20 Compatible wallet prior to contributing (such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, or MetaMask).
If you have questions, please contact

Thank you for your support and contribution to the project!

ASMR Coin — Building the Next Content Creation Ecosystem

*Last updated February 21, 2018
Altcoins / Re: Find informations about many Altcoins
« Last post by Michael Richard on Today at 03:27:58 AM »
We don’t really need to worry about all these options, it is just about looking at one that we feel excited and comfortable with. That is where I like it so much to invest into Big Balls Token, as it got just about everything you could wish for.

The greatest advantage is that here you have no expectations, as it is absolutely zero value. So, joining this is something that is to show how big your balls are! If you are gutsy and rich enough, then this is your destination to prove it!
« Last post by sh3pt4 on Today at 02:02:38 AM »

Hi Player!

We apologize for so long under maintenance because under monitoring by Google policy,
We have updated this AdsCoin faucet app by complying with the rules of Google.

There are some changes in features and rules in this app that is
1. Roulette is the percentage chance of getting AdsCoin per lucky number appears. (adscoin drop rate)
2. Maximum AdsCoin collected per player is 6000 AdsCoin per month.
3. Sound as a media variation.
4. The rules for not clicking on ads intentionally or not to click on ads continuously.
5. The exchange rate of 1 adscoin is equal to about 1 dogecoin or it can be less than that. (estimation)

AdsCoin that has been collected by the Old Player will not be lost.
Old Player please continue playing this adscoin roulette game again.

Lets play again roulette adscoin game, download from google playstore
till selling this only few spots left! Come get it while you can, after paying at rocketr you will get the files delivered you with autodelivery and a quick easy to follow tutorial is also included
Modex Is Releasing The World's First Multi-Protocol App Store For The Blockchain, Before Much-Awaited ICO

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