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Bitcoin discussion / Re: arbitration of cryptocurrency
« Last post by BestW1shes on Today at 12:42:54 PM »
I did not use this service
Bitcoin discussion / Re: arbitration of cryptocurrency
« Last post by boblonely6 on Today at 10:53:27 AM »
hi, I have found service for arbitration of cryptocurrency there give free of charge days on the test, it is possible to connect any coin for tracking at any exchange. Somebody used? bibitbot com
Right in your Telegram
Fast and easy to use without any extra Apps
More than 2000 coins from any world exchange
Instantaneous notifications about differences in exchange rates
Pump and dump control every 4 seconds
Connection of any currency and stock exchange for tracking
Update required exchanges and currencies every 4 seconds
Hi, I use the bot 2 weeks, thousands of notices come every day. Very convenient service, in support it is possible to ask days on the free test and to see everything
Bitcoin discussion / Re: How much money should I invest in BTC?
« Last post by boblonely6 on Today at 10:49:33 AM »
I agree with everything above told, invest only that money which you are ready to lose. Nobody ever knows where the market, up or down will go, study various ways of earnings on cryptocurrency, arbitration and others. You have to understand a question before making the decision
It is impossible to earn from arbitration of cryptocurrency, too big commissions at the exchanges...
I hope it will occur, then it will be possible to make without doubts x20-30 in addition of arbitration of cryptocurrency)))
Tell in more detail how you earn from arbitration of cryptocurrency?
5  early retail adoption example - El Costo Hypermarkets, Panama

Отличная новость!   :D :D :D
Снижен процент на ввод средств по банковским картам до 2.5 - 2.7%  ;)
Deposit fee for bank cards has been reduced to 2.5-2.7%
Newbies / Safely Store Your Cryptocurrency Offline
« Last post by markcalloway on Today at 08:06:11 AM »
You now have the best way to store your cryptocurrency offline. As we know, an estimated 25% of
[/color]all Bitcoins that were issued to date are inaccessible due to the reason of lost keys. In the case of
[/color]losing your private key, you would also lose all the crypto that you have bought and made in that
[/color]wallet.. We have heard many stories of Bitcoin fortunes being amassed, only to be lost from a simple
[/color]mistake of losing the private key. So, the best way for people to keep their stack in hand is by opting
[/color]for Cold Storage Coins. Apart from helping you store your cryptocurrency offline, it helps you in risk
[/color]reduction in many ways.
[/color]Cold Storage coins are a cutting-edge technology that help you to store the digital currency with
[/color]remarkable levels of security as well as accessibility. These coins are available in Copper, Gold and
[/color]Silver metal. It can help you to mitigate the common risks that are associated with storing
[/color]cryptocurrencies, and also makes buying and trading effortless, for everyone.
[/color]These laser etched coins have the wallet address and the private key securely marked on them. They
[/color]help in eliminating the scope of human error. The key is secured beneath a tamper-evident
[/color]holographic sticker, which is almost impossible to counterfeit without leaving evidence. You no
[/color]longer have to put your trust on online exchanges or hot wallet providers to help your Bitcoin
[/color]investment to pay off. Simply place the power in your own hand, in a[/color]cryptocurrency cold storage wallet [/b][/color]![/color][/b]
« Last post by simmonds23 on Today at 07:57:42 AM »


Altcoin announcements / Re: [ANN] GeekCash Launching
« Last post by BlackDiamond on Today at 07:30:13 AM »
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