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« Last post by dichvusocks on Today at 01:51:17 AM »
Bitcoin Exchange / Re: Trading Bitcoin bersama Mitra Terbaik
« Last post by on Today at 01:19:22 AM » dibuat untuk melayani semua orang yang ingin membuat operasi pembelian, penjualan, atau penukaran dengan e-currency yang cepat, aman dan diandalkan.

Tim kami berisi dengan pemain yang berpengalaman dalam pasar penukaran e-currency, berjuang untuk menyediakan pekerjaan tingkat tinggi untuk klien kami. Staff memiliki pengalaman dalam bidang keuangan lebih dari 8 tahun.

Memilih sebagaimana kami:

  • Terpercaya
    Semua order selesai pada waktu yang tepat dan pada kondisi yang dinyatakan di website kami.
  • Terlindung
    Transaksi di layanan kami sangatlah terjaga. Pelanggan kami dapat yakin 100% ketika mereka melakukan penukaran dengan kami.
  • Aman
    Anda dapat yakin bahwa dana anda terjaga ketika anda melakukan penukaran bersama kami.
    Layanan kami mengikuti ketentuan AML dan KYC untuk menghapus transaksi yang mencurigakan.
  • Berbeda
    Kami menawarkan pilihan pembayaran yang berbeda, jadi anda dapat memilih metode ternyaman dan memiliki biaya yang efektif. Anda dapat melihat semua perintah penukaran disini.
  • Biaya yang efektif
    Biaya kami diketahui sebagai biaya terbaik pada pasar penukaran e-currency.
    Tidak percaya?
    - Coba dan lihat oleh anda sendiri.
  • Mendukung
    Kami berusaha untuk mengirimkan layanan pelanggan yang terbaik untuk setiap klien kami. Tim dukungan dapat selalu membantu anda melalui Live chat atau sistem tiket! - menyediakan penukaran yang sempurna!
Dear users of

The placement example of expensive cars.

Ideal for those who are looking for customers around the world.
Our platform automatically translates content into desired language of the visitor.
Launch ads on your pages on our platform, the site is mobile for any devices.

Recently added objects of Real Estate.

House 370 m2 in cottage settlement «Greenfield»

House 650 m2 in cottage settlement «Shato Soveren»

Cottage 250 m2 in cottage settlement «Darna»

Cottage 449 m2 in cottage settlement «Monakovo»

Cottage 271 m2 in cottage settlement «Knyazhye ozero»

Contacts for any questions and suggestions!

Telegram: Moscow_Real_Investments

Best regards!

Off-topic / Giveaway 150 VIU= 5$ @coinmarketcap
« Last post by asn on Yesterday at 11:19:39 PM »
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Introductions / Hey everyone
« Last post by andypro06 on Yesterday at 10:13:31 PM »
I am glad with join, would like say hello all members and guest.
thanks to for any comments of feedback for my post - have good time and enjoining everyone!


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Car History Scams and How to Avoid Them

Cases of people being scammed for their car history are on the rise. The reality is that it can happen to anyone who decides to sell a car. Once you post an ad on the internet on any site, you become a target for them. If you are lucky, you will get an honest buyer. However, most of the times especially on sites such as Craigslist and Oodle, you are likely to get a scammer posing as an ‘interested buyer’. The interested buyer will find a way to make you pull up your car history from some website that they refer you to. The ultimate goal for the scammer is to get you to the site of which they get a commission from the lead. Once that’s done, they pretend to have changed their mind after you’ve bought your car history from their site.

And that’s not all. Many of the existing companies that provide data about used cars are also caught in the web of this violation of the law. Such a company is Carfax which is one of the biggest commercial suppliers of vehicle history reports to individuals and businesses on used cars. Carfax has always claimed to have information about the accidents for all the 50 states in the US. However, in 2006 it turned out that they were not able to check the information about accidents in 23 states. Even though the lawsuit was settled in May 2007 in the Trumbull County Common Pleas Court in Ohio, the fight against car history scams still continues. Carfax representative revealed that more than 10 million consumers were affected. The company asserts that it has major accident information from all 50 states and it backs up its claim with a buyback guarantee. The settlement in the West v. Carfax, Inc lawsuit was overturned and the lawyers for the class never pursued the case after that.

These are some of the problems Vinchain will solve through the decentralized vehicle database. With the help of this blockchain system, such situations are impossible to happen due to the decentralized system and absolute clarity of information.

Just to Remind
Our token pre-sale started. You can grab some by registering there:

To know more about our project you can check our social media:
Gambling / Re: Hideposit -
« Last post by Wwland on Yesterday at 07:51:16 PM »

Super honest, The only reason I love HIDEPOSIT
Date : 12/13/2017 19:38 
From/To Account : U14131514
Amount : 10.50
Currency : USD
Batch : 198326248
Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal from
ICO / Re: [ANN] LiveTree ADEPT [SED] Token Pre-Sale Begins Dec. 1st
« Last post by John Ogden on Yesterday at 07:44:26 PM »
LiveTree ADEPT Webinar - Deep Dive
Less than 2 days to get in on the pre-sale!
Remember you get 1000 additional SED tokens in the pre-sale, as well as added bonuses for ETH contribution greater than 1.5 ETH, and an entry into a drawing for 200,000 SED if you contribute greater than 7 ETH!
Join Livetree Adept in disrupting the entertainment industry:!/seed/?r=welcome
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Alcoholic story
« Last post by Uncle Blade on Yesterday at 07:26:31 PM »
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