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Bitcoin discussion / Re: Do you have your blacklist?
« Last post by BestW1shes on Today at 01:51:29 PM »
I also want to add that selecting a broker also depends on where you are located, services available in your region, and trading style you are using. I know a lot of brokers who do not permit weekend trading of cryptocurrency CFD contracts. Cryptocurrency trading is very risky and new market providers are emerging each month. There are many brokers opened as scams, launching with clever marketing campaigns designed to prey on unsuspecting investors. Never hesitate to contact the broker with hard-hitting question. The answers may help to understand if broker has ever faced with different issues and how he can resolve the traders' problems.
agree with you

We have every cryptocurrency in constant sale. We have our own mines and we buy crypto from the market.
We can SELL 1, 10, 100, 10 000, ...... BTC or every crypto.

Location of the transaction: Capitals city to choose: Poland, UK, DE, CZK, SK, other

Place and procedure of the transaction:
- law firm (known and recommended) - deposite;
- normal sales contract - bank transfer;
- currency exchange officein (well-known and recommended) - sale for casch;

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Bitcoin ATMs are like regular ATMs but with a slight difference – instead of giving out money, they accept it. As bitcoin is a virtual currency, you can’t really withdraw it.
Read more and tell what you guys think:
у вас есть русифицированная версия сайта?

К сожалению, на данный момент у нас нет русифицированной версии. Но мы с радостью ответим на все ваши вопросы :)


this is really good project and  is very useful for visitors of your site and investors, as you create some review before selling ico, so investor can know more with the help of  your review

Thanks a lot! Glad to be of help!

ICOAnatomy team

Hello! On the project criptonews you can find all the necessary software for mining.
Daily add and update programs.
Also we can find all the necessary information on the software.
Bitcoin projects / News site "criptonews"
« Last post by Сергей Владимирович on Today at 10:56:27 AM »

Hi everybody! The criptonews project is a new site where you can find unique topics related to mining crypto currency and all the necessary information.
Daily news!
In the near future, it is planned to add new sections!
SPARTA's Advantages as Compared to NEM

SPARTA features a number of advantages as compared to other cryptocurrencies some of which were already mentioned in our previous publications. Today, we'll tell you why SPARTA is better than NEM.

NEM in brief

The NEM cryptocurrency (abbreviated from New Economy Movement) was launched on March 31, 2015. It uses the Proof-of-Importance (PoI) algorithm that looks into the following account characteristics:

level of activity, i. e. the number of transactions completed by the account in the network;
duration of account life in the network.

Below, you can find the main advantages of SPARTA over NEM

Fees in the NEM network are always changing depending on the sender's and recipient's balances. The more coins you own, the more you have to pay. SPARTA features a low fee which does not depend on who you transfer coins to and how much you have on your account.

NEM had a huge pre-mine volume — all 9 bln coins were generated this way. In SPARTA, emission is initiated by users who support network operations, receive a reward and develop the idea of decentralization.

The NEM system increases fees for non-active users meaning that it forces you to always run transactions and doesn't allow for the simple accumulation of coins and generation of profit on investment. In SPARTA, each user chooses their own path without unwelcome pressure.

The NEM network pays the reward for supporting network operations once a day. In SPARTA, you have a chance to get a reward every single minute.

Join SPARTA and build a new future with us now — your well-being is in your hands!


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Bitcoin is currently in the midst of a significant price rally. Thus, many experts have come out to say that the bad days are over for the top-ranked cryptocurrency. However, one trader believes that BTC will still see another dip before soaring to a new all-time high (ATH).

Bitcoin hasn’t Seen Bottom Yet

According to Arthur Hayes, BTC hasn’t seen the bottom yet. Speaking to CNBC on Thursday (July 19, 2018), the Bitmex co-founder and CEO said

Hayes expects the current price rally to take BTC up to maybe $8,000 or $90,000. The Bitmex chief identified $10,000 as the most optimistic projection for the current BTC price increase. After this point, Hayes expects another massive drop that will see the number-one ranked token based on market capitalization set a new low for 2018.

In June 2018, Bitcoin twice fell below $6,000 setting a new 2018 low at $5,700. Experts like TenX founder, Julian Hosp, predicted that BTC would dip close to $5,000 before setting a new ATH later in the year. Hosp’s end of year price forecast was $60,000.

Bitcoin is currently trading slightly above the $7,400 mark, an increase of almost 20 percent in the last 20 days. BTC last traded above $7,000 in mid-June before going on a massive dip that saw the asset drop $1,000 in a matter of hours.

Arthur Hayes also warned traders to be wary of the summer months because according to him, investors tend to cool off a bit. However, by the end of Q3 and the start of Q4 2018, Hayes expects the bullish sentiment to return once again.
The Coinlend mobile is now available for Android!

You can download it here:

The iOS version will be delayed because of the App Store review :(
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