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Game / ❤ Bitcoin Lovers ❥ Dynamic Profit Rates & Much More ❤
« Last post by Youlovebtc on Today at 05:54:55 PM »

❤ Bitcoin Lovers ❤

❤ Welcome to Bitcoin Lovers!

YouLoveBTC was conceptualized and started by a group of bitcoin miners and trading professionals.
Our group manage investor funds on different quick yet safe turn around investment activities like stock exchange and mining services, thus we can ensure that we can keep up with our promised interest rates for our investors.

Dynamic rate?

We have invented a dynamic profit rate system.This means, when we are doing good,
we will be paying Higher percentage, however, when we will have worse days, we will decrease the hourly percentage to ensure the long life of the project and stability of the invested bitcoin.
This way we can ensure we will be operating so much longer.

Until you reach 200%

Since we have the dynamic rate system, we also changed how the return works.
Basically, you will keep getting your regular payments, until you reach 200% ROI (Return of Investment).
In other words, your investment will be completed when your total profit is even or higher than 200%

❖ Current Rate: 2.5%

What are you interested in exactly?
Bitcoin discussion / store
« Last post by toretto on Today at 04:40:19 PM »
Hello! I recently made a purchase at the asic-minerworld store. I liked the quality of goods in it, and polite consultants. Because of this, I want to recommend it to you who are interested, here is the link, see

A lot of people have asked us how exactly the micro-loans will work in more detail. We’ve posted an additional white-paper that explains the micro-loans in more detail for those intersted in the mechanics of how this P2P system would function via AirFox’s AirToken Dapp. Link to micro-loans whitepaper.
Read more here:
Payment processing / Re: Accept Bitcoin payments with CoinGate
« Last post by Key on Today at 04:25:15 PM »
Pretty useful thanks
Newbies / Re: FREE $1- Mine BTC/LTC!
« Last post by bitlvr on Today at 04:25:01 PM »
Payment processing / Re: Affilliate by PayCo.
« Last post by Key on Today at 03:39:18 PM »
Do they still work?
Payment processing / Re: How dangerous is your money on Payza!!!
« Last post by Key on Today at 02:55:45 PM »
Thanks for warning.
Hey, thanks for the useful stuff.
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