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Română (Romanian) / Re: InstaForex Romania
« Last post by InstaForex_RO on Today at 06:57:50 AM »


Schimbari in ceea ce privesc termenii de tranzactionare

Va rugam sa aveti in vedere faptul ca incepand cu 13 decembrie 2017, spread-ul pentru #Litecoin, #Ripple, si #Ethereum a fost modificat din cauza optimizarii termenilor de tranzactionare. Informatii aditionale sunt furnizate pe pagia instrumentelor de tranzactionare.

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Cu stima,
PR Manager InstaForex Romania

Analiza tehnica

Analiza tehnica pentru perechea valutara EUR/USD - 18.12.2017

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Analiza tehnica pentru perechea valutara USD/JPY - 18.12.2017

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AUD/JPY: se apropie de o rezistenta majora, ramaneti bearish

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PR Manager InstaForex Romania
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Rahakott wallet
« Last post by Haran on Today at 06:04:31 AM »
I use this wallet already, registration is super easy. You only need a mnemonic phrase, whithout any emails and phone numbers.
Bitcoin Exchange / Re: Trading Bitcoin bersama Mitra Terbaik
« Last post by on Today at 02:59:06 AM » dibuat untuk melayani semua orang yang ingin membuat operasi pembelian, penjualan, atau penukaran dengan e-currency yang cepat, aman dan diandalkan.

Tim kami berisi dengan pemain yang berpengalaman dalam pasar penukaran e-currency, berjuang untuk menyediakan pekerjaan tingkat tinggi untuk klien kami. Staff memiliki pengalaman dalam bidang keuangan lebih dari 8 tahun.

Anda dapat menukar FasaPay USD, Bitcoin, litecoin, BTC-e, Perfect Money USD, USD OKPAY ke FasaPay IDR pada layanan
Anda dapat melakukan order dengan arahan berikut ini :
Bitcoin discussion / Re: How did you get into bitcoin?
« Last post by ElVikingo on Today at 02:55:46 AM »
When Bitcoin exploded here a couple of weeks ago I started to do my research to learn more about how this all works. I decided to jump in on this as there seem to be lots of opportunities to make a great profit.

So far I've invested in BTC and ETH and two ICO's that sounds promising. Not a lot, just dipping my toes to learn how everything works and to avoid makes big mistakes.

Could mining seems to be another great way to make a good income, however, lot's of warnings out there from people with bad experiences with scams, so be aware, do your research!

I have selected two mining companies, both look very solid and legit. I have two contracts which are very profitable with daily payoff around 1% - depending on the type of contract, yearly or open-ended(I have both).

Happy to share my experiences if you message me.
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« Last post by coinbits on Today at 02:50:57 AM »
I think that the shop owners probably hold their bitcoin.
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Bitcoin perspectives
« Last post by chucky on Today at 02:24:56 AM »
You're absolutely right: there're so few really worthy ones. If you're not so lucky with bitcoin, then you'd check the MiningNow project They now have the ICO stage, when it's over, the tokens will be recalculated even if the bitcoin rate collapses. So there you go.

Encryptotel announces their Waves node!
Hello guys,
We’ve just came back from #Waves Platform client 1.0 presentation, which took place in Amsterdam. And it was a fantastic experience! Ride on the Waves!
Read the full story:
CME Bitcoin futures are now live, bringing more effective #bitcoin risk management to the market. Trade #BTC today.

Bitcoin discussion / Bitcoin perspectives
« Last post by p.pe7 on Yesterday at 11:07:23 PM »
Bought my first bitcoins a year ago. However, I got scared and sold them after China refused the ICO and the rate collapsed.
I'm generally an unlucky person in this regard. I'm sure that if I buy bitcoins now, the rate will collapse again.
And I don`t know what to do. All cryptocurrency`s owners are so happy. And what makes me worse? I want the same, but I'm afraid. Can you advise any cryptocurrency or something else?
Some kind of ICO-project would be OK, but I don`t get this at all. I stumble upon nonsense like guys who want to put farms in caves, well, it's ridiculous.
But something really worthy, well, there`re so a few.
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