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Services / Re: Hosting $0.5, VPS $4, Server $90, Proxy $1, RDP $6
« Last post by postcd on Today at 07:40:32 AM »
OKPay payment gateway is no longer supported due the changes on their system.
Bitcoin Exchange / Re: Trading Bitcoin bersama Mitra Terbaik
« Last post by on Today at 07:23:14 AM »

Pendaftaran untuk

Dimana saya bias menggunakan Kartu Debit Unichange?
  • Anda dipersilahkan menggunakan Kartu Plastik Bitcoin dari Unichange dimanapun kartu Visa diterima:
  • di jutaan ATM diseluruh dunia yang terdapat logo Visa;
  • di lokasi POS untuk membayar pembelian Anda;
  • Anda bisa membayar dengan kartu online;
  • untuk memverifikasi akun Paypal.
  • Kartu Virtual Bitcoin sangat nyaman untuk belanja online dan juga bisa digunakan untuk memverifikasi akun Paypal.

KEUNTUNGAN utama dari Program Mitra kami adalah:
  • Program afiliasi yang sederhana dan transparan.
  • Partisipasi gratis, tidak membutuhkan kondisi tambahan.
  • Biaya yang menarik untuk afiliasi, program Afiliasi 3 tingkat.
  • Pilihan material promo untuk website anda.
  • Metode penarikan yang bervariasi.
  • Layanan yang stabil dan terpercaya dengan tim supportif.
Newbies / Re: Earn up to 1000 satoshis every 15 minutes with DIGICOIN
« Last post by digicoin1 on Today at 05:58:55 AM »
Earn up to 1000 satoshis every 15 minutes with DIGICOIN's faucet:
Bitcoin mining / Re: Free Miner
« Last post by yoga kurniawan on Today at 12:15:40 AM »
0.006 btc per day, and can be increased up to 1 btc per day.
*)change * with .(dot)
#ATBCoin #ATBCoinNews

ATB Codes is a service inside the ATB Coin wallets, which adds some new features to the storage and transfer of value.
The first area of ​​application of ATB Codes is the cold storage of coins. Any amount that you have on your balance can work as a code that can then be written on a piece of paper, printed on a printer, or simply photographed. In this form, you can store the code as long as you want.
When it becomes necessary to use the ATB Code – one can open the wallet, enter the code, and the coins will reappear on balance.
One can apply this to preserve the balance in the event of a temporary or permanent loss of access to the wallet. For example, if planning a long trip and unable to carry your wallet everywhere, just create an ATB Code with the required amount. You can use it anywhere from where there will be a PC device and Internet access available – shall it be an Internet cafe or a friend’s computer, it doesn’t matter! The code is something that is convenient to take with you and just use where it’s needed.

The second area of ​​application of ATB Code is the moment transfer. Users can send coins even to other users of whom the addresses are unknown. To do this, just generate the code and send it by email or even by SMS. The recipient imports the code to his / her wallet and the balance is instantly replenished by the appropriate amount.

Also, another good option is to use ATB Code inside smart contracts, when the final recipient is unknown, and it can be any user who fulfilled the terms of the contract. For example, for rendering any service or performing other actions required by the contract to receive payment. In this case, the person who fulfills the conditions will get a code that can be imported into his wallet – having received a corresponding increase in the balance by the amount indicated when creating the ATB Code.
ATB Code is especially convenient for those who do not want to participate in trades on the exchange but still want to buy ATB Coin. ATB Code makes this process as easy as it gets.

ATB Code is a modified analog to a well-known BTC-E code. The underlying idea runs on more reliable and up-to-date protocols, and due to its own, autonomous blockchain, ATB Code has a wider scope.

The possibilities of ATB Code, as a technology, are truly large-scale. At the moment, there are quite a few exchange resources working with cryptocurrencies. Most of these services recognized the profitability, the ease of conversion and output of codes, as well as the security of such transactions.
Making a general conclusion, we can firmly say that ATB Code is a fast and safe replenishment and withdrawal, allowing a convenient solution for both beginners and experienced users.

Ambitions – Actions – Results!
ATB Coin is always one step ahead!

Please don't forget about our Telegram chat and Slack.
Online support will help you with a pleasure!

Also you can add us by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, watch ATB Coin YouTube channel or visit our Website and view Whitepaper or legal documentation.

Contact Email:
Bitcoin mining / - Professional Cryptocurrencies mining
« Last post by crypterra on Yesterday at 07:58:31 PM »

We are new company on this market, but we are ambitious, have a very professional team and the most powerful mining hardware.

Crypterra is a friendly run business that was setup to provide cloud mining solutions to home and business users.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a superior support environment through customer service, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in cryptocurrency mining hardware.

A cloud mining environment that not only supports our clients at all levels, but also provideds true profit. It’s important to have reliable cloud mining provider for your personal, business or organisation’s investments in cryptocurrency.

Our mining hardware are located in a world- class data centres with multiple fast connections, and with GalxC Cooling system. This ensures that we can provide the most reliable mining environment possible and also deliver your coins at lightning fast speeds.

Why Choose Crypterra Mining?

The rigs you rent use very cheap electricity with GalxC Data Centre Cooling systems is specifically designed for critical applications where precise conditioning of air is essential. The price you see, is the price you pay.

With us you can forget about the complexities of installing and maintaining the mining rigs. Secondly, you flail online, no noisy house rigs that require a lot of space and intense cooling.

We do not hide, and our business is transparent. We hope that our customers can appreciate our efforts to be in the public eye and actively participate in various forums and conferences. For us it is most important to show that we have nothing to hide!

Price policy
No commissions to the pool. You do not need to pay and wait for the delivery. You do not lose a second of mining, you start working immediately. No downtime due to system failures. You buy computing power for a conditionally-life term, it's that simple!

More information on our website -
Deutsch (German) / Gratis BTC, LTC und DOGE
« Last post by Bogdan2792 on Yesterday at 07:06:46 PM »
Registration und drucken faucet. Heute 30 Doge raus genommen.
Bitcoin mining / delivery all over the world
« Last post by Beagzy on Yesterday at 06:14:01 PM » is a good store without any problems and with low prices.
Newbies / Re: Free DogeCoins every 3 hours
« Last post by Bogdan2792 on Yesterday at 04:29:12 PM »
withdraw is ok. screenshot here
Italiano (Italian) / Re: XMLGold exchanger & XMLGold VISA carta prepagata
« Last post by on Yesterday at 02:35:21 PM »

Tramite puoi cambiare cryptovalute in Perfect Money USD e Perfect Money EUR ai migliori tassi!

Cambi Bitcoin a Perfect Money EUR:

Cambi Bitcoin a Perfect Money USD:

Cambi Litecoin a Perfect Money EUR:

Cambi Litecoin a Perfect Money USD:

Vedi di più:

(Servizio on-line per lo scambio della valuta elettronica Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, BTC-E, Payeer, OKPay, AdvCash, Bank Transfer, SEPA Transfer, XMLMoney, CoinMate, C-CEX, ePay, eCoin Code...)
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