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Hey guys!

Get ready for the winnings throughout the whole season!
Spinomenal Series Tournament has started 8)

100 winners in each round will share prizes from total of
100,000 USDT prize pool.

Round I: Queens of Elements

1. Opt-in to the tournament
2. Play any of the participating games

Things to know:

* Minimum qualifying bet per spin is 0.2 USDT.
* Each win rewards you with 1 point.
* The 100 first players on the leaderboard will share a prize of 15,000 USDT.
* Participating games: Queen of Fire, Queen of Ice, Queen Of Fire - Frozen Flames, Book Of Demi Gods II, Majestic King.
* Round I runs from June 30, 00:00 GMT to July 6, 23:59 GMT.

Enjoy and good luck ;)

ETHUSD and LTCUSD Technical Analysis – 30th JUNE, 2022

ETHUSD – Bearish Doji Star Pattern Below $1279

Ethereum was unable to sustain its bullish momentum and after touching a high of 1278 on 26th June started to decline heavily against the US Dollar.

We can see that the prices have fallen below the $1100 handle and now trading at $1052 in the European Trading session today.

We can see the formation of a Falling Trend Channel below the $1200 handle and now we are looking at $1050 and $1000 as the immediate targets.

The prices touched an Intraday Low of $1049 in the European Trading session and an Intraday High of $1117 in the Asian Trading session today.

We can clearly see a Bearish Doji Star Pattern Below the $1279 handle which is a Bearish pattern and signifies the end of a Bullish phase and the start of a Bearish phase in the markets.

ETH is now trading below its Pivot levels of 1069 and is moving into a Strong Bearish channel. The price of ETHUSD is now testing its Classic support levels of 1015 and Fibonacci support levels of 1057 after which the path towards 1000 will get cleared.

Relative Strength Index is at 24 indicating an OVERSOLD market and the shift towards the consolidation phase in the markets.

Both the STOCHRSI and Williams Percent Range are indicating Oversold levels, which means that the prices are due to correct upwards in the short-term range.

All of the of the Technical indicators are giving a STRONG SELL market Signal.

All of the Moving Averages are giving a STRONG SELL Signal and we are now looking at the levels of $1000 to $950 in the short-term range.

ETH is now trading Below its both the 100 Hourly Simple and Exponential Moving Averages.

  • Ether Bearish Reversal seen Below the $1279 mark.
  • Short-term range appears to be Strongly BEARISH.
  • ETH failed to clear its resistance of $1300.
  • Average True Range is indicating LESS Market Volatility.

Ether Bearish Reversal Seen Below $1279

ETHUSD is now moving into a Strong Bearish Channel with the prices trading below the $1100 handle in the European Trading session today.

We have also detected the formation of a Bearish Harami pattern in the 15-minutes timeframe indicating weakness and the continuation of the downtrend.

The Commodity Channel Index is giving Oversold levels which means that the prices of Ethereum are due for an upwards correction.

The key support levels to watch are $1036 and $1015 and the prices of ETHUSD need to remain above these levels for any Bullish reversal.

ETH has decreased by 7.05% with a price change of 79$ in the past 24hrs and has a trading volume of 15.621 Billion USD.

We can see an Increase of 7.43% in the total trading volume in last 24 hrs. which appears to be Normal.

The Week Ahead

The global investor sentiments are weak due to the changing Geo-political situation in the Europe, amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and meeting of NATO leaders in Madrid.

The prices of Ethereum continue to remain above the important psychological support levels of $1000 and most of the technical are now indicating a Neutral market.

The immediate short-term outlook for the Ether has turned as Strongly BEARISH, the medium-term outlook has turned NEUTRAL, and the long-term outlook for Ether is NEUTRAL in present market conditions.

In this week Ether is expected to move in a range between the $1000 and $1150 and in the next week Ether is expected to enter into a Consolidation phase above the $1100 levels.

Technical Indicators:

STOCH (9,6): It is at 38.51 indicating a SELL.

Average Directional Change(14days): It is at 40.18 indicating a SELL.

Rate of Price Change: It is at -4.50 indicating a SELL.

Ultimate Oscillator: It is at 34.22 indicating a SELL.

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Bitcoin Exchange / Why Should You Start A Crypto Exchange Like Binance?
« Last post by joelryan on Today at 12:05:18 PM »

Many crypto enthusiasts are fond of starting their own crypto exchange like Binance. You may think why most of them prefer Binance.  Because Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and it charges a low trading fee compared to the other crypto exchange platforms. Moreover, the Binance exchange has a specific user audience to cover, which attracts many crypto entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in launching your own crypto exchange like Binance, then choose the Binance clone script. With the Binance clone script, you can launch your exchange like Binance effortlessly. And crypto entrepreneurs will get many business benefits if they use the Binance clone script to launch their crypto exchange. Let us have a quick look at the benefits of using a Binance clone script.

Business Benefits of using a Binance Clone Script

Price — When it comes to the cost, It’s worth your money. Because the cost of a crypto exchange script starts from $4k [ The cost is not precise. Based on your business requirement the cost may slightly change.]
Time-Period — As previously discussed, the Binance clone script is ready-made software. So, It can be launched in the market instantly.
Customization — The script is 100% customizable. Based on your business needs, you can customize your crypto exchange platform.
Beta Test — The Binance clone script is pre-designed & tested in real-world situations. Therefore, the script is 100% bug-free & secured.
Features — The Binance clone script comes with all essential, advanced trading & security features at a budget-friendly price.

Knowing these business benefits of the Binance clone script will help you understand how a Binance clone script will be helpful for your cryptocurrency exchange. If you are interested in launching your crypto exchange like Binance, then the best way to get a Binance clone script is to reach out to a reliable Binance clone script provider.

As there are a lot of Binance clone script providers are there in the crypto market, you have to work on certain factors like the portfolio, quality of the script, ratings, and reviews. After considering these factors, I have come across CoinsQueens. They are one of the leading crypto exchange platform solutions providers. They have been offering ready-to-deploy Binance clone scripts for many startups & entrepreneurs. They offer end-to-end development & customization services at an affordable cost.

If you are interested, get in touch with the blockchain experts via,

Whatsapp : +91 87540 53377
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Off-topic / Are stablecoins genuinely stable?
« Last post by TanyaSh on Today at 11:47:06 AM »

Why do people need to use stablecoins? What are stablecoins? Which factors affect the stability of stablecoins? This article helps crypto beginners learn more about stablecoins and their role in the crypto market.

The extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies keeps people from using their coins in the way they use fiat currencies. People and companies can't use crypto for tax return purposes or financial statements because the crypto price swings may be big. Also, merchants who accept crypto can lose their profit if the price of coins decreases after receiving payment. Also, customers do not want to pay crypto for goods or services because crypto prices can go up.
Stablecoins were created to avoid volatility risks and help cryptocurrencies work together with the traditional financial system.

What is a stablecoin? In short words, stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with stable value for use in transactions. To make crypto coins stable their value is pegged to fiat currency, another cryptocurrency, commodity, and other assets.
There are many ways to peg or collateralize a token. One of the well-known versions is a USD stablecoin backed by USD.
Stablecoins can be traded as quickly as any other crypto-to-crypto trade that allows a holder effectively turn fiat currency and other assets into cryptocurrencies.

Usually, fiat-collateralized stablecoins are minted on a 1:1 basis. But if you check the prices of some USD stablecoins, you can see that prices are higher or less than $1 at any given time. Why?
First, let's consider the process of fiat-collateralized stablecoin issuance and redemption. Users can exchange fiat money for stablecoins on a stablecoin issuer's site. To create an account, the user should be verified by KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering laws) checks. Then user deposits USD and purchases fiat-collateralized on a 1:1 basis. The user can redeem stablecoins by an account on a stablecoin issuer's site. Stablecoin issuer "burns" these stablecoins and credits the user's account for USD at a 1:1 ratio. Now the user can send stablecoins to buy other cryptocurrencies, pay subcontractors, or buy goods.
In practice, fiat-collateralized stablecoins always end up in marketplaces. Users buy or sell their stablecoins on an exchange at the market price rather than redeem or purchase them from the stablecoin issuer. The changes in supply and demand of stablecoin affect its prices. This is why users trade the USD stablecoin higher or less than $1.

Also, stablecoin volatility depends heavily on cryptocurrency price fluctuations and other stablecoins volatility. Even if it is a gold-collateralized stablecoin, gold price swings will have a slight effect on this stablecoin. But bitcoin's price fluctuations will significantly affect the prices of gold-collateralized or fiat-collateralized stablecoins.
Additionally, the irrational behavior of the crypto market players and rare, unpredictable events also affect stablecoin prices.
Surprisingly,stablecoins can be more susceptible to volatility than other assets and cryptocurrencies.
Anyway, stablecoins play their role in the cryptomarket and people use these coins for transactions. But if you want to invest in crypto in a bear market, you should avoid buying stablecoins. It’d be better to buy bitcoin or Ethereum.

When you need to buy bitcoin and other cryptos without extra concerns and time loss, you can visit Swiss crypto exchange EvBlock

Marketplace / Features of STO script
« Last post by Eva_gabriel on Today at 11:38:40 AM »
Nowadays, blockchain technology is used in all crypto-based activities. This includes a crypto crowdfunding platform like Security Token Offering. STO is the most trusted and famous crypto crowdfunding platform for fundraising. It basically helps entrepreneurs and emerging startups raise funds through properly regulated stocks like gold, real estate, crude oil, and more.

Therefore, many crypto people want to launch their STO platform using pre-made STO scripts rather than creating from scratch. STO script is a readymade script that provides a convenient and user-friendly dashboard. It is embedded with all the latest technical features and functionalities to make your STO dashboard more compatible and attractive.

Notable features of STO script

  • Asset fractionalization
  • Integration of smart contract
  • Custom smart contracts
  • Legally compliant tokens
  • Global investors participation
  • Secured Virtual wallet integration
  • Various modes of payment
  • Automatic Token departure
  • Advanced STO analytics
  • Referral programs, etc
These are some of the best features of a pre-designed STO script. The rapid growth of STO makes startups, to choose premium STO scripts for their STO development. If you are willing to launch the STO platform using the STO script, then choose the Best STO script provider to get this feature-rich STO script. However, It is very difficult to find the best STO script provider that offers scripts at a reasonable price.

There are several STO script providers in the crypto sector. But not all of them are offering reliable STO scripts to their clients. When selecting the STO script providers, you need to analyze a few factors such as the portfolio, reviews, quality, and experience in providing attractive STO scripts that best suits your requirement and then launch your own STO website.

For more information About impressive STO Script 
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Altcoin discussion / Re: Gold-backed Stablecoins: Kinesis
« Last post by Paul88 on Today at 09:23:41 AM »

Kinesis announces the completion of its first independent audit of 2022.

The third independent audit and verification of the gold and silver bullion, underpinning all Kinesis gold and silver-backed currencies, has been completed.

How exactly does the audit work?

Independent officers from Inspectorate International entered all Kinesis vaulting facilities across the world and physically tallied the quantity of gold and silver, comparing it against the quantity stated by Kinesis in an inventory report supplied to the auditor. The weight of the metals reported on is then compared to a snapshot of the Kinesis currencies in circulation, taken at the same time that the physical metals reports were generated.

How do I know my gold is safe?

The physical bullion behind Kinesis gold and silver-backed currencies sits in independently audited and insured state-of-the-art vaulting facilities.
The legal title to the physical gold and silver bullion, represented by Kinesis digital gold and silver-backed currencies, always remains with the holder.
The independently-conducted third-party verification provides assurance to all current and future Kinesis system users.


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