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Introductions / Re: Buy C❤️P @incoming66
« Last post by incoming66 on Today at 10:41:18 AM »

Порадуйте вашего ребенка, купив что-то развивающее или просто веселое в "Детский мир". Да-да, это возможно!

Использовав наш сервис, вы можете купить подарочные карты для такого крутого и популярного магазина детских игрушек 8)


Großartige Neuigkeiten! Mit Hilfe unseres Service können Sie ein Smartphone, einen Laptop, eine Waschmaschine oder sogar einen Kühlschrank für sich selbst kaufen!

Dies ist möglich, weil Sie auf unserer Website Geschenkkarten für einen so beliebten und coolen MediaMarkt-Shop kaufen können, der eine riesige Auswahl an Waren bietet!


Great news! Recently, with the help of our service, you can buy a smartphone, laptop, washing machine or even a refrigerator for yourself!

This is possible because on our site you can buy gift cards for such a popular and cool MediaMarkt store, which provides a huge selection of goods!

Off-topic / Re: How to relax?
« Last post by Zize55 on Yesterday at 10:44:50 PM »
I'm under a lot of stress right now because of work. I'm constantly on edge. I understand that this is not good. I try to distract myself somehow. How do you relax?
I know what you mean. I have a lot of stress right now, too. I mostly relax by watching erotic videos. I like watching videos of samantha starfish. I'm not sure if everyone will like it. But it's the girl that relaxes me. All the bad thoughts go away. I can say it's my fetish. I wish it was more stressful.
Off-topic / Re: Do you play browser games?
« Last post by Zize55 on Yesterday at 10:29:49 PM »
I do not have the opportunity to play new games that came out. I like to play. Now I turned my attention to browser games. Do you play?
I think games are fun. The main thing is that they evoke emotion. I used to get emotional with Tetris. Or a cartridge console. Now I think the game industry has moved on. It's the same with browser games. I know the site I often use it when I want to play browser games. There are a lot of games on the internet that I don't like. But on this site I like almost all the games.
Altcoin discussion / Beellboard - Crypto billboard - NFT/Binance
« Last post by beellboard on Yesterday at 09:28:43 PM »


Beellboard is an original concept for displaying advertisements; halfway between "One million dollar homepage" and "Cryptokitties" with a touch of creativity and innovation. This project incorporates code that interacts with the Binance Blockchain for more flexibility and also because it's cool.

Beellboard is a collection of 7168 unique plots on a digital billboard. Presented by Beellboard Studio from Lyon, France.

You can buy plot and define various information associated with your plot : URL, metadata, logo, banner ad, ... Several plots can be grouped together to display your logo, banner or advertising message. Once you have associated your logo with your location, after a few minutes of waiting, your logo will appear instead of your location on our home page. Beellboard also provides tools to buy and sell your advertising space.


Beellboard works on the Binance blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

This website works with Metamask to carry out all purchasing operations.

Beellboard is based on a smart contract from the Binance network. This contract implements ERC721 based on code from OpenZeppelin. Each plot of the billboard is identified by a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).


Website: https ://
Twitter: https ://
Medium: https ://

Smart Contracts checked by BscScan : https ://

#Binance #NFT #IPFS #ERC721 #Metamask
Off-topic / Re: Birthday invitations
« Last post by Zize55 on Yesterday at 09:13:24 PM »
I'm thinking about inviting my friends to my party in an original way. I've been thinking for a long time about exactly how to do it. But so far I don't have any definite ideas. What can you advise me?
You can invite them by letter. I know they do that a lot these days with weddings. With birthdays I think you can do the same. You can also make your own invitation flyers or use the birthday flyer template free. I know a site that provides such templates. It will be more budget option. Still can make an invitation in the form of a quest.

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