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Newbies / Re: New! sat.EVERY 5 min!
« Last post by bitlvr on Today at 05:59:46 AM »
120 sat.EVERY 5 min!
Min:10000 sat.

Bonjour tout le monde !

Je viens de préparer un petit tuto pour la plateforme d'échange Binance. Elle a été créée en Juillet de cette année et fait déjà partie des 5 plus grosses plateformes d'échange mondiales.
Toutes les étapes, l'inscription, comment déposer et commencer à trader, sont détaillées avec screenshots et explications.

Tutoriel Binance :

Les avantages de Binance sont :
- Des frais de transaction bas
- Une interface agréable à utiliser
- Un site fluide qui marche correctement
- Un grand choix de Crypto-monnaies

Vous pouvez trouver d'autres Tutos pour :

CoinBase :

EtherDelta :

Guide Airdrop (MyEtherWallet/EtherScan/EtherDelta) :

Voilà ! En espérant que ça aidera certains débutants :)
Newbies / Re: TOP 10 Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchanges
« Last post by Bitcoin for Free on Today at 05:28:42 AM »
Contact me, I offer best service.

The best service for what ?
Attention! We have important news!

We decided to double the amount of tokens you get for your purchase. Earlier you could get 10,000 tokens per 1 ETH, now you will get 20,000 per 1 ETH.

As long as our presale has already started we cannot change the terms of our smart-contract, so when you purchase VIN tokens on our website you still receive the previous amount of tokens, but when our presale is finished we will send you the same amount of tokens you have already bought (we will double the amount of tokens you own).

Here it is the presale price list according to our update:

During the presale 12.500.000 tokens are available for sale.

• 0 – 1,000,000 tokens used to be 1 ETH – 10,000 VIN and now it is 1ETH = 20,000 VIN
• 1,000,001 – 5,000,000 used to be 1 ETH – 8,570 VIN and now it is 1ETH = 17,140 VIN
• 5,000,001 – 12,500,000 used to be 1 ETH – 7,500 VIN and now it is 1ETH = 15,000 VIN

Why we are doing this:

The price of ETH has doubled since the time we started. We made our plan with ETH cost of $300 and now it is $600.
Also, to make it completely fair, those who have already bought our tokens will receive double after the presale (the same terms for everyone).
We appreciate your being with us and supporting our idea so we will do our best to make the best possible offer for you.

Just to Remind

Buy Vinchain Tokens here:

To know more about our project you can check our social media:
Medium: @[url=;u=16592]VINCHAIN[/b]][/url]
NEW! Syscoin decentralized mixing service is functional. Combining anonymous transactions to create anonymous marketplaces. To be released Q1-2018 with Syscoin 2.2
ICO / New reality from Izetex
« Last post by AgentSmith12 on Yesterday at 08:08:07 PM »
New reality from Izetex   Advertising is a perpetual motion that pushes progress. And the fuel for this engine has always been the attention of a potential customer. The trouble with a modern advertiser is that it will attract more and more every day.   When street advertising became cramped in shop windows, it had to move to the Internet. Gradually increasing the advertising space, Internet sites are faced with a new phenomenon - banner blindness, when a visitor of the site no longer pays attention to kittens, feminine charms or screaming headlines. In addition, most advanced users have a block for pop-up ads in video sharing or social networks.The lion's share of the cost of any product is taken away by its promotion. Prices for advertising are constantly growing, and efficiency is falling. Social networks, a couple of years ago, were an excellent platform for promotion, hand over positions to messengers, where it is much more difficult to attract a client.New blockchain-platform IZX  can be the solution to all these problems. Using the technology of augmented reality, Izetex has developed a unique approach to the promotion of the product, which won?t leave indifferent neither the client nor the advertiser.   Thanks to IZX, advertising from obsessive banners turns into a fun game in the style of the cult Pokemon Go. A huge number of locations scattered game tokens, which will be collected by a potential client. Hunting for tokens, the player does not just have fun - the game currency now can be monetized in reality: exchanged for a product, service or discount.And most importantly - using Izetex platform you can not only become a trapper of crypto-currencies, but also create your own unique games, innovating your own business. Today, the IZX application has already downloaded about 15,000 people from 80 countries. By the summer of 2018, Izetex plans to enter a crypto exchange, which will allow exchanging game tokens for bitcoins, ethers and other virtual currency. Buy stock tokens, and thus get the right to issue game IZX Drive tokens can be on the official website of ICO, combining block and supplemented reality, IZX provides the advertiser with the shortest path to the client, devoid of any intermediaries. Spot, beating directly into the target advertising, guaranteed to lead you to the buyer.
Gambling / Re: Hideposit -
« Last post by Stay_Safe on Yesterday at 08:00:54 PM »


$84.00 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account.
Transaction batch is 444054530.
Introductions / Greetings
« Last post by thesancho on Yesterday at 07:22:17 PM »


i'm a Belgian and it's a pleasure to meet you.
ICO / Re: [ANN] LiveTree ADEPT [SED] Token Pre-Sale Begins Dec. 1st
« Last post by John Ogden on Yesterday at 07:10:07 PM »

Congratulations and thank you, we have done it! We have now raised over 280K and surpassed our initial dollar target by nearly 50K!
We have already started on the development and cannot wait to start sharing with you the beta version of the platform.  We expect it to be ready before the main sale! This will help foster even more support from our industry partners and the community.
You Can Still Join The Pre-Sale

With 30 hours to go, you still the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale.  Not to forget there is a huge 50% discount only available in the pre-sale, bonus scheme and lottery!
We have received a number of requests asking for extensions to the pre-sale.  As you know the  Ethereum network slowdown has had several knock-on effects.  We are monitoring the situation and will send out further updates tomorrow. Please use the following values from your ERC20 compatible wallet:

Gas Limit: 300,000
Gas Price: 25 Gwei
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