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Goods / > Faucet Collector < ( Version 1.0.32 - 20th October 2017)
« Last post by Adarsh ! on Today at 06:09:52 PM »

Faucet Collector

BOT Features :

  • Faucets: Moonbitcoin, Moonlitecoin, Moondogecoin, Bonusbitcoin, Freebitcoin, RaiBlocks, BtcForClicks, Bitgolden, Bitsilver, Bitlucky, Bituniverse, GetFreeCoin LTC, GetFreeCoin BCH, PentaFaucet, Waves Go , Freedoge , FG , Bitfun , bitcoinker . 
  • More faucets are coming soon.
  • CAPTCHA: SolveMedia, reCAPTCHA solving by 2captcha, imagetyperz , and manual mode . 
  • Notifications send to your phone by Prowl or Notify My Android
  • Copy pate this to take you to the BOT page :

    IMP TIP : If a faucet provides 50 Satoshi every 10 mins, dont be too greedy and keep time intrval as 10 mins. You can choose Time interval between 20-25 mins with Random marked as you can see in screenshot and use. This way the faucets will never detect Bot.

    Dont blame me later if the faucet detects you are using BOT and you get banned. just dont be greedy and keep small intervals.

    Thankyou :)

  • Version 1.0.32 - 20th October 2017                                                                                                                             Bitcoinker: Added bitcoinker faucet.
    BonusBitcoin: Added option to claim the average amount instead of getting random payout.
    9kw: Large captcha images are now resized so they are accepted on 9kw.
    9kw: Marking the captcha result valid/invalid works in more situations.
  • Version 1.0.31 - 18th October 2017

    Bitfun: Added bitfun faucet.
    FG: Sometimes it failed to initialize a new game.
    General: Sometimes the Manual mode couldn't get a screenshot.
    General: Added option to load Chrome extensions:

    Put the .crx files in the extension subfolder (by default: c:\program files (x86)\faucetcollector\extensions\)
    Or put them in extensions\[faucet name] to load the extensions only for that faucet.

  • Version 1.0.30 - 14th October 2017

    FG: Added plinko and improved selecting what games to start.
    Moon faucets: Sometimes the wait timer still didn't work.
    General: Manual mode popup sometimes didn't show anymore.
    General: Added option to limit the number of threads (browsers).
    General: Added option to hide the browsers.
    General: Editing the settings doesn't delay the bot anymore.
  • Version 1.0.29 - 11th October 2017

    Captcha: Added manual mode for Image and reCAPTCHA solving.
    Moon faucets: Wait timers are now correctly using the wait settings.
    RaiBlocks: Sending audio to 9kw works again.
  • Version 1.0.28 - 3rd October 2017

    FreeDogecoin: Added support for
    General: Wait timers are now correctly using the wait settings.
  • Version 1.0.27 - 2nd October 2017                                                                                                                                      FG: Added option to randomly change HiLo on diceFG:
    Added option to reload page on win.FG:
    Sound disabled by default and you are now able to chat.
    FreeBitcoin: Added support for reCAPTCHA solving.
  • Version 1.0.26 - 30th September 2017
    FreeBitcoin: Pausing for more than an hour works again.FreeBitcoin: Shows payouts again when there is no captcha.                  FG :(faucet, slots, wheel and dice).                                                                                                                                  General: Added option to automatically pause the bot after a while.

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In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has had a trading volume of $2.2 billion dollars with a market capitalization stable around $94 billion dollars. The last time that Bitcoin surpassed its highest records was in October 13th when the price arrived at $5856 dollars.

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Vezt ICO
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Gambling / Re: Lottery - New online bitcoin lottery
« Last post by mlehtis on Today at 02:51:11 PM »
This is one of the best hyip site and perhaps the fastest growing too !!

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Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« Last post by mlehtis on Today at 02:32:29 PM »
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« Last post by mlehtis on Today at 02:18:57 PM »
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Bitcoin discussion / BUY OR SELL BTC OR INVEST ONLINE..!!!
« Last post by cryptomania401 on Today at 01:14:36 PM »

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Currency:-  1.  BitCoin
                            2. Bitcoin Cash
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                            4. DogeCoin
                            5. Litecoin

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Chat:-    Available for our chatty friends.

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TIP:-  You can tip to your friends

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