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Bitcoin discussion / Re: Initial Coin Offering Script has it all.
« Last post by innate on Today at 07:29:16 AM »
nice post! Finally i can found this

They just released first looks for their LALA Wallet Application.

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Altcoin discussion / [ANN] Lift Token - Next generation driving platform
« Last post by neumal on Today at 06:51:13 AM »

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login is a platform that uses a location-based app for hiring an on-demand private driver using cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Lift technology can be a very convenient and inexpensive method of using taxi service as it gives you the opportunity of watching your driver’s en route as he comes to pick you up. All you need is a tap on your smartphone and the nearest taxi driver arrives to pick you up.

You need to sign up and have an account with lift before using lift as a passenger. You can sign up on the platform and get your first ride. After signing up, your cab gets the mobile app on your smartphone thereby giving you the opportunity of seeing how much a particular ride will cost.

After creating an account and successfully installing the app, simply log in with your signup details and set up your cryptocurrency payment method as this ensures a cash-free environment. Now you are good to go. All you need to do is to open the Lift app on your phone and ensure that the pickup location is your current location. Click on the car service you desire and enjoy your ride. Driving for lift gives you the opportunity of becoming your own boss and meeting new people in your city.

ICO fully meaning initial coin offering, is simply a mechanism for fundraising the creation of cryptocurrency. In other words, ICO is an unregulated means through which funds are raised for new Lift cryptocurrency ventures. Capital raised from this ICO is used to fund the project. ICO can be juxtaposed with the Initial Public Offering which basically allows investors gain shares based on ownership of a company.

Our major focus is to incorporate cryptos in the day to day activities thereby making them stable and useful.

Analiza tehnica

Analiza tehnica pentru perechea valutara NZD/USD - 22.03.2018

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Analiza zilei USDX -22.03.2018

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Analiza zilei pentru GBP/USD - 22.03.2018

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PR Manager InstaForex Romania
Bitcoin discussion / What is the service of bitmex ?
« Last post by kevinfernando777 on Today at 06:10:37 AM »
[/size][/size]According to what I know, the BitMEX service consists of several leveraged products. Future contract transaction and swap transaction. These are derivatives. Bitmex also has insurance money. This is similar to trader and BitMEX insurance. This investment method is extremely dangerous and we strongly recommend you to know what to do before leveraging futures trading using leverage. So, this site is truly easy to use the site, it is legal.[/size] Future contract Swap transaction Forecast market API Insurance fund Leveraged transactions involve high risk. They strongly recommend you to know what you are doing before starting futures trading on leveraged transactions.The price is very competitive with BitMEX. In fact, most users feel that they are almost negligible compared to profitable profits if they are easy-to-understand operators. The deposit fee is set to 0.0750%, the manufacturer's fee may be -0.0250%. As a result, markers are actually rebated a bit. I know that BitMEX can utilize the position on the platform for traders. Leverage is the ability to place orders that are larger than the user's existing balance. This gives you a higher profit compared to orders with only Wallet Balance. Because transactions under such circumstances are called "margin transactions", I am pleased to be a member of bitmex. If you are interested in bitmex, my introduction link You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login will also give you 10% of the fee!
Daily Automatic Payout received 

$0.53 ( 0.0009408 ETH ) date of the latest payment: Mar-22-2018 04:17:11 AM

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Bitcoin Exchange / Re: Trading Bitcoin bersama Mitra Terbaik
« Last post by on Today at 03:13:13 AM » dibuat untuk melayani semua orang yang ingin membuat operasi pembelian, penjualan, atau penukaran dengan e-currency yang cepat, aman dan diandalkan.

Tim kami berisi dengan pemain yang berpengalaman dalam pasar penukaran e-currency, berjuang untuk menyediakan pekerjaan tingkat tinggi untuk klien kami. Staff memiliki pengalaman dalam bidang keuangan lebih dari 8 tahun.

Memilih sebagaimana kami:

  • Terpercaya
    Semua order selesai pada waktu yang tepat dan pada kondisi yang dinyatakan di website kami.
  • Terlindung
    Transaksi di layanan kami sangatlah terjaga. Pelanggan kami dapat yakin 100% ketika mereka melakukan penukaran dengan kami.
  • Aman
    Anda dapat yakin bahwa dana anda terjaga ketika anda melakukan penukaran bersama kami.
    Layanan kami mengikuti ketentuan AML dan KYC untuk menghapus transaksi yang mencurigakan.
  • Berbeda
    Kami menawarkan pilihan pembayaran yang berbeda, jadi anda dapat memilih metode ternyaman dan memiliki biaya yang efektif. Anda dapat melihat semua perintah penukaran disini.
  • Biaya yang efektif
    Biaya kami diketahui sebagai biaya terbaik pada pasar penukaran e-currency.
    Tidak percaya?
    - Coba dan lihat oleh anda sendiri.
  • Mendukung
    Kami berusaha untuk mengirimkan layanan pelanggan yang terbaik untuk setiap klien kami. Tim dukungan dapat selalu membantu anda melalui Live chat atau sistem tiket! - menyediakan penukaran yang sempurna!
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Всем привет, ищу несколько человек для совместной торговли на криптовалюте, и не только.
Эксклюзивные способы, возможно обучение новичков и желающих делать уникальные сделки.

Telegram: offshorebank

Plaza Systems, SQ2 Fintech tie the knot to “revolutionise” business on the blockchain
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Gambling / Re: Hideposit -
« Last post by Good_Sir on Yesterday at 09:06:05 PM »

[size=78%]Hello Good_Sir.[/size]

$7.52 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account Uxxxxxxx.
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