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Gambling / Re: My Kash Site -
« Last post by moneyman on Today at 04:00:16 PM »
Last SEVEN of my payments. Refer as many as you can and this program is going through the roof. The whispers are starting to be shouted this is the NEXT BIG ONE!

Displaying Records from MY KASH SITE
ID. Username PaymentMode Amount

1 coolcoins Bitcoin: $10.00
2 coolcoins Bitcoin: $15.00
3 coolcoins Bitcoin: $12.65
4 coolcoins Bitcoin: $5.00
5 coolcoins Bitcoin: $23.80
6 coolcoins Bitcoin: $44.60
7 coolcoins Bitcoin: $57.90

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Hello. For those who has been reading ShareRing [SHR] in the news, I will share some findings A.K.A DUE DILIGENCE on Tim Bos and his experiences as I have promised and was requested to do so by the Telegram (SHR) community. Also, I better share this out since it consumed me time writing one already. Anyways, DYOR before investing in their currently running pre-sale/ main-sale (May 7 commencing).

Firstly, a short intro: I am a complete outsider, not an admin nor am working for ShareRing. However, I got to know ShareRing from a friend who is a seed investor. Upon listening to his sharing, I can't just believe because there is too much uncertainty. But, I admit that I am a dreamer (with realistic mind) and risk taker. Before eventually becoming an investor myself, there are a couple of considerations:

Risk (whatever I invested) vs. reward (sky is the limit?), blockchain huge potential and I believe in blockchain (DYOR!), supporting ‘revolutionary’ platform easily while I do other stuffs, $$$, FOMO? I also thought these to myself: does ShareRing solve any problem? Any potential concurring cash flow and benefits to everyone? Technology? Competitions? Potential partnerships? Media coverage? And most importantly the team and any past success?

Disclaimer: As mentioned, I have made quite sum of a personal investment in ShareRing and this is NOT a financial recommendation. Use your own judgment and risk appetite before anything else. Be ready to lose it all, get a so-so return or hundred times return in few months or years - time and luck will tell.

OK to Tim Bos now.

I suggest you to read each line of Tim Bos LinkedIn description AND Google them.

Too lazy? Below is some recap over his last +15 years experiences with worth-to-visit hyperlinks (too bad can't post it here so you can check in Swag's research on ShareRing Reddit if you want better verification).

Tim Bos used to serve as Associate Director at Barclays Capital, Project Manager at GE Capital, IT Infrastructure Manager at Atari Melbourne House, Principal Consultant at Software Spectrum and senior roles at Avanade Australia (a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture). He also served as Chairman of Advisory Board at rivusTV Limited.

Tim established bioWatch Australia in July 2004, with the purpose of building a scalable cloud based framework for tracking valuable assets around the globe. He successfully negotiated the multi-million dollar sale of bioWatch Australia to Procon in the USA in 2008. Since that time, the Procon group of companies renamed to Spireon has grown to over $150mil in revenue, with over 3 million vehicles tracked globally. His LinkedIn stated that he is a cofounder of Procon Telematics in Australia which is a joint venture between Michael Sissian and Procon Inc in the USA, which aims to aggressively expand its market presence in the Oceania region. Proof of this is that TBFC Pty Ltd as trustee for Michael Sissian (80%), AJS Holdings Pty Ltd (10%) and Timothy Bos (10%) have owned the company since 23rd August 2010 (when it was formed). Also see that Tim stated on LinkedIn about offshoring BioWatch to Thailand, you can see the app.

Tim then founded Caramavan in 2013 and sold it to ASX listed company Qanda technology in 2014. Tim also co-founded New Enterprise Services in 2012.

What I like more is that Tim founded KEAZ in 2013. I also read that Keaz has provided a couple of Whitelabel services.
Keaz clients are established entities. They include: - Municipalities such as County of Kern, Nevada and San Diego in California, Yakima County in Washington State and Christchurch City Council in New Zealand; - Community service groups such as Vision Australia in Australia and Jewish Family Services in New Jersey, USA; - Carsharing and Car Rental companies such as Europcar (AUS), Envoy USA, Yoogo NZ which is promoted by New Zealand Prime Minister and Lexus (AUS) are either partners or clients; - Partners such as Telstra (AUS), Toyota, and Merchants FM (USA)

Also, featured story from Cisco interview with Tim:

Keaz is IoT-enabled platform which helps customers increase usage of shareable assets, monetizes them and reduces operating costs (i.e. insurance, maintenance). Keaz rapid growth has focused on vehicle pool management for corporations, rental companies, taxicab and transport organizations. The agility of the Keaz platform makes it customizable for nearly any vertical to leverage the sharing economy. An open set of APIs enables third-party companies and suppliers to develop their own system, sharing anything from bicycles to lawn mowers to meeting rooms.

As a complete solution, the Keaz platform combines IoT-enabled telematics devices for shareable assets, along with mobile apps, a backend booking system, and connected services. “Most of our corporate customers using the platform for vehicle pool management are realizing return on their investment within six months, which is incredibly fast.” For example, a Keaz customer increased business-hours vehicle pool utilization from 30 percent to 80 percent, and was able to reduce their pool from 150 cars to 142 within six months.

“The average cost of a corporate car is $600 per month, so that’s a savings of $4,800 per month, which is double what they pay for our service,” says Bos. Vehicle sharing is also helping customers grow revenue after business hours. Instead of corporate cars sitting idle in the parking lot, employees can pay to rent a car to take home. This service provides a valuable way to monetize corporate vehicles and offset costs of pool management. For one Keaz customer, usage started at about 20-30 rentals per month and quickly increased to an average of 90 rentals per month. In one month alone their rentals increased 70 percent, and the company expects it to keep growing.

Based on Tim past experiences and that ShareRing has announced some partnership with BYD Auto, China's largest maker of electric vehicles, and EE Australia distributor of DJI on its website, at least from these few facts I gathered, I am confident to believe that ShareRing is not a scam and have a legitimate chance of success.So yeah, those are just on Tim from me. DYOR on other team members and share back! You better know what you get yourself involved with. Unless, you opt for a heartbreak. But, for me there is no bonanza without a shot - and shots.

Good luck. HODL.
Gambling / Looking for some advices from experts
« Last post by Oliarepl on Today at 01:21:48 PM »
Hello everyone.[/size]Throughout the internet found one kinda interesting promotion from a betting website. Im a fan of csgo on my own, and ye, Im trying to get back my lost BTC. Doest anyone heard of this website? x-bet.coI saw their adverts for a few times, they seems to be live quiete for a while. They accept BTC as well, so Im close to the fact to use it. Wanted to find more about it. Will appreciate any feedback.
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« Last post by CryptoCZ on Today at 12:52:50 PM »
Im not sure if Bitcoin is the best way to spending money. There are already innovative alt coins with far lower transaction fee and faster. There are projects like Nebula Network which rock stable rate thanks to emission mechanism tied to their supply. BTC is not the future.
The stellar has low commission and fast translation speed
Airdrop / [Masternode] Dash Platinum launch!
« Last post by dfdecxx on Today at 12:36:14 PM »

Dash Platinum Pre-sale Start!

POW 18%, Masternode 72%, Governance 10%

Those who participate early may receive high ROI (masternode) compensation.
Check out our discord community and website for details.

Dash Platinum is  modern cryptocurrency with security features
Dash Platinum supports High-speed transactions, minimal commission and top-notch security
Dash Platinum can be spent securely both online and in person with only minimal transaction fees.
Dash Platinum is aims to be used in single-party broadcast platforms(Like a twitch), SNS chat platform infrastructures
It is possible to send dash-platnum coins to BJ on a one-man broadcasting platform.
The broadcast has a virtuous circle that generates income from dash-platinum coins.

Coin Name : Dash Platinum
Algorithm : X11
Pow 18%, Masternode(POS) 72%, Governance 10%
Max supply : 197,000,000
Pre-mine : 4.7%
Block reward 4
Block time 150 seconds
decreasing by 10% every year
Required 1,000 DASHP for Masternode

Road Map
Dash Platinum Project start-up
Launch Website, Explorer
Window Wallet Release

Bounty Program Start
Get listed on
Get listed on Exchanges crypto-bridge

Launch conference organization(Masternode)
Mac,Linux, Web Wallet Release
Listing on Coinmarketcap
Release of Mobile (Android/IOS) wallet

Expansion of the development team, marketing team
More exchange listing
Launch chatting SNS platform (Use Dash platinum coin)

Launch single-person broadcast platform (Use Dash platinum coin)
Release Dash platinum market beta open
Interworking with online shopping mall sites
Altcoin discussion / Re: Rahakott wallet
« Last post by rahakottsmm on Today at 11:42:24 AM »
Yes, Rahakott exists since November 2017. The commission can change from time to time. The system automatically checks the workload of the mempool. If the mempool is not overloaded, the commission for transfer to the external wallet will average 0.001BTC. If the mempool is overloaded, the funds withdrawal speed won't change, but the payment to the bitcoin network can increase, but not more than 0.0005BTC
Altcoin discussion / Re: Rahakott wallet
« Last post by Garden on Today at 11:34:26 AM »
What would you like to know? It's just a regular hot web-wallet. Commission is 0.001BTC. It accepts 5 main currencies BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC, DASH. It's just a wallet created not so long ago.
Новости биржи

Уважаемые пользователи, мы добавили новые торговые пары:

LatiumX  , пары LATX/BTC, LATX/ETH
ModulTrade, пары MTRc/BTC, MTRc/ETH и MTRc/USD

Весь список доступен по этой ссылке this link >>>

Желаем всем успешной торговли! :)
Services / > Buy/Sell/Exchange >New Markets
« Last post by LiveCoin on Today at 11:15:34 AM »
New Markets

Dear clients, new markets are available for trading:

LatiumX , pairs LATX/BTC, LATX/ETH
ModulTrade, pairs MTRc/BTC, MTRc/ETH and MTRc/USD

You can find details following this link this link >>>

Wishing you good trading! :)
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