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Bitcoin mining / Bitcoingold mining software for Windows and Lunix
« Last post by SfcTrader on Today at 08:31:56 PM »

I'm sure most of you are wondering which is the best graphics processor for my Bitcoin Gold and where to download the software for mining. I decided to create this short guide to answer these questions.

As you probably know, Bitcoin Gold works on the Equihash algorithm - the same as for popular coins, such as ZCash, Zclassic, Zencash, Hush, Komodo ... This means that Nvidia cards are certainly the best choice for my BGold. It's not rocket science that the GTX graphics cards work better than AMD when developing the Equihash algorithm.

Btg mining software in official site -

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Gambling / Re:
« Last post by Iamthefly on Today at 08:05:37 PM »

Excellent deal and great payment. Thanks
The amount of 112 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U13530439->U(>-<).
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Date: 18:35 17.11.17. Batch: 195231032.
Spend bitcoins / Buy Real Estate with Bitcoin
« Last post by bitcoinCRE777 on Today at 07:27:22 PM »

If you would like to spend your bitcoin on commercial real estate we are going to be accepting bitcoin at our fund soon. Check us out at twinrockpartners dot com
Bitcoin discussion / Bitcoin and Real Estate
« Last post by bitcoinCRE777 on Today at 07:13:23 PM »
Hello Everyone,

If you would like to spend your bitcoin on commercial real estate we are going to be accepting bitcoin at our fund soon. Check us out at twinrockpartners dot com
What is the difference between Vinchain and other technologies?
Ever since the launch of digital currencies, many people have explored what other possibilities are there when you implement the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology solves any problem associated with a centralized system. Using technology that fully depends on a centralized system has become rather difficult especially since the beginning of the Internet. Poor data storage systems have led to the increase in cyber crimes. In the automotive industry, several buyers have purchased ‘bad’ cars due to manipulation or misrepresentation of information by the seller. This is because records on vehicles are being stored by a person or company. Needless to say, having a centralized data storage system for all vehicle records gives room for manipulation for personal gains.
However, Vinchain seeks to solve this huge problem with the help of the Blockchain technology. With its help, the information will always be transparent and up-to-date due to the decentralization of information. No one will be able to influence the data for their own aim. There will be no possibilities of losing any data. Everyone who is interested will be able to get the access to this information.
It will also benefit every member of the automotive business, companies, and services that are connected with it. Also, the rewarding system will be fair and clear. You will receive your tokens for each request that is done by anyone on that info according to the rate of information you give us. Vinchain hopes to offer this service as soon as the project has successfully been implemented.
Add to our TWITTER | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM and get involved online by using the hashtag #vinchain
#vinchain #vinchainteam #ico #vehiclehistory #Blockchain #decentralized #vehicle
ICO / Re: [ANN] LiveTree ADEPT [SED] Token Pre-Sale Begins Dec. 1st
« Last post by John Ogden on Today at 05:11:59 PM »

Livetree Adept Interview with Ashley Turing | ICO Review
Armed with the learnings from the success of its current platform, LiveTree is now ready to launch ADEPT
(Advanced Decentralized Platform for Transparent distribution). The new platform supports projects throughout
their entire life cycle, from creation through distribution to funding. It is a model that not only reimagines LiveTree’s
existing operation, but the entire creative, film, TV and content industry.

Bitcoin discussion / Re: What is Bitcoin?
« Last post by cointech on Today at 05:01:29 PM »
Wow, nice infographic!

Cedex bounty program is live!

Register for the Presale Whitelist

All You Need To Know About CEDEX
A quick 101 about CEDEX  - the first certified blockchain based
diamond exchange.
Meet Saar our CEO, who will give you a quick run through about the project.

PRESENTING CEDEX - Fintech Tel-Aviv Meetup
Saar CEO presents CEDEX at the Fintech Tel - Aviv Meet-up in November 2017

Newbies / Re: FREE High BTC Rewards with Bitcoin Clicker App-PAYING APP!
« Last post by bitlvr on Today at 04:32:44 PM »
Update from admin of this app:
'Bitcoin Fork - Please have some patience while we are sending your Satoshis. Everybody will get paid. Thank you !'
And a new promo code for extra FREE satoshi:
Click 'gift code' and type: bitcoinfork

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