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You are right I agree with you
0xcert is an open-source, permission-less protocol for certified non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. In the process, the data about such asset, e. g. Certificate of Authenticity (COA), is digitized, stored in cryptographic wallets, and owned by their users – says Jure Zih, Co-founder and CEO 0xcert, at’s #SundayInterview.

Let’s start with the basics: what are non-fungible tokens?

Jure Zih: A couple months ago Kristjan Sedlak, Co-founder and our CTO, said that this year will be the year of non-fungible tokens. And it is true. As it was blockchain a buzzword last year, non-fungible tokens are more and more spoken among programmers and the word is spreading with light speed among early adopters in crypto world. It all started with cats, or CryptoKitties to be precise, but as aspiration. This was the use case that non-fungible tokens needed to wake up the entire community that ERC721 was needed and that it could and would drive the industry forward. Fungible means that something can be replaced by another identical item so in crypto world a fungible token is also not unique and can be replaceable with other identical tokens and so it can be exchange like Ethereum or other today’s known cryptocurrencies. But non-fungible tokens, most non-fungible tokens are implemented on Ethereum as ERC-721, it is just the opposite, it is unique, real-world asset that cannot be substituted by another one.

Full interview on: [size=78%][/size]
Altcoin discussion / Re: WINSTARS - We are changing the face of gambling
« Last post by Lake on Today at 10:25:47 AM »
I think many games will be added because the platform unites both players and games developers as well who wanna add games to receive profits.
I think too, that most likely there will be a lot of games. The more games you add, the better for the project. This will attract new gamers. Developers will see interest and will promote their games.
Altcoin announcements / Sportscash coin
« Last post by StalBOX777 on Today at 10:21:00 AM »
Sportscash Coin

We have launched a new coin sportscash to keep pace with your athleticism.
In the future, you will purchase various sports tickets, clothes and equipment as sportscash coin


Sportscash features

Coin Symbol: SCC, mSCC, µSCC
Coin Type: Proof Of Stake
Total coin supply: 24,000,000 SCC
PoS percentage: 10% per year
Block Time: 60 seconds
Algorithm: Quark
Masternode supply: 10000 coins
POS mature time: 24 hours

<= 2,0001 SCC0.9 SCC0.1 SCC
2001-1,144,8577 SCC6.3 SCC0.7 SCC
1,144,858-2,744,8575 SCC4.5 SCC0.5 SCC
>2744858-54115233 SCC2.7 SCC0.3 SCC
>5411523-0 SCC0 SCC0 SCC

Bounty partners are welcomed in our discord channel (


2018 -05 : Create coin, Create wallet(win, linux, mac), Premining,  Marketing on social platforms(Discord, telegram, twitter, youtube )
2018-05 : Introduction, Website development, Blockchain explorer
2018-06 : Pre sale, Publish serveral game
2018-07 : List on,
2018-9 : List on,, Major marketing campaign
2018-11 : Mobile wallet(android, ios), Establish sports game ticket selling online/offline company
2019-04 : Establish sports game clothes, equipment online/offline shop

Master node listed:
gambling site:
Bitcoin discussion / Re: Are you spending your Bitcoin?
« Last post by adconity on Today at 10:05:49 AM »
I think holding bitcoins can benefit companies in the long run. As bitcoins are considered as the investments so they can serve good investment returns in the near future. Also, if you thought of advertising your business on a crypto-based advertising platform then Adconity may best suit your needs. Visit the website for more info.
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Bitcoin discussion / Re: Bitcoin Mining
« Last post by jitenrajput on Today at 04:28:45 AM »
I think there is some truth in that. The pay is not as it used to be. The competition is great. There is also the cost of power to mine. If the pay is reduced, you can't keep up with electricity cost. In the end, you'll be left with nothing as profit.

Yes, even I think so. Cloud mining can be profitable but the hardware mining isn't any good as it used to be before. The puzzles are getting more difficult and even the competition. The reward is reducing and costs are increasing. Thus, profit is affected.

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