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Off-topic / Re: Cryptocurrency – Strategies for long term investment
« Last post by Alyson001 on Today at 07:05:01 AM »
Looks a great site
I will think about it

In a bid to make our support system more robust & fulfilling, Shiftal is proud to introduce the Chat Support feature, which brings us one step closer to meeting our clients’ expectations for quick & proper resolutions of queries.

Also, the integration of the chat support features makes Shiftal one of the first crypto exchanges to do so.

“We at Shiftal strive hard to build an all-inclusive and robust crypto exchange platform that is not only secure but also cares for its users. With the integration of the newest chat feature, Shiftal users now have multiple options to get in touch with our diligent support team for help with disputes and other issues on the platform,” says Rishabh, Founder & CEO of Shiftal.

What is the Shiftal Chat Support Feature?

Normally, when you need help from the support team with an issue, you might need to wait for some time before the team provides a resolution. But, in case if you can’t wait or need an instant resolution, you can use the Chat Support feature of Shiftal.

As the name suggests, the Chat Support feature is an option for Shiftal users to chat with the support team/admin directly for a quicker resolution of their ticket. The chat option can be accessed from the Support section in the user dashboard. Users can submit a request and later check their ticket history where they can also see an option to chat with the support team.

It allows users to connect in real-time with a Shiftal support executive and get an immediate resolution to their concerns related to trading on Shiftal, instead of having to wait for hours to get a response.

Besides Chat Support, Shiftal also offers a number of other ways for platform users to get support from the team for quick & efficient resolution of their issues. These include online support on the website (create a ticket), the first-of-a-kind Callback Request features, and the Shiftal blog.

Also Read: Shiftal Callback Request Feature Launch

How To Use Chat Support on Shiftal?

All Shiftal users & traders can use the chat support option in case they need help with a trade or simply want to ask a question to the support team.

To use the Chat Support option on the Shiftal website, follow this simple procedure:

Step 1: Log-in to your Shiftal exchange account at

If you don’t already have a Shiftal account, create one here

Step 2: After log-in, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. Here, in the support section, you can create a new request/ticket detailing your concern. Normally, it might take up to 24-hours for the team to resolve your issue and revert back to you.

Step 3: For a faster resolution, you can go to Ticket Summary and click on the Chat option to chat directly with the admin. The chat option is available only for users who have already submitted a ticket.

Besides callback requests, chat support is the fastest way to get in touch with the Shiftal support team. The average wait time is less than 1 minute. Depending on the situation and how urgently you need the support, you can use the chat support feature on the website.

Bitcoin discussion / Do you want to unlock your trading potential ?
« Last post by kecia on Today at 04:37:53 AM »
As I know, the Bitcoin Profit App is a legitimate trading technology program. This is an intuitive and effective trading system that allows the general public to make money from cryptocurrency trading. ... with a success rate of over 92%, it is one of the best trading systems for cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin profit is in-build application for traders/investors who%u2019s looking for professional brokers in their GEO location. Created by financial experts, analysts and best developers bitcoin profit app bypass the step of searching online reviews for best broker or trading platforms which most are unrealistic and provide inaccurate information.

The main focus of our specialized team is to find reliable top brokers licensed in each GEO location where we connect interested traders and investors through our registration form.

The smartest way to start investing here

When you want to change the way you invest your money and make it really start working for you, there is nothing more important than the right strategy. That's why Bitcoin Profit's professional crypto traders are constantly working to ensure what you can do:

%uF0D8   Make wise choices that mean you can forget about guesswork
%uF0D8   A safe and lucrative return that allows you to live your life the way you want
%uF0D8   Now that you have a team of experts by Sid, trade with PeaceOfMind

bitprofit app unlock our potential as follows

%uF0D8   Expert Guidance
%uF0D8   Uncompromising Security
%uF0D8   Professional Signals
        Trade with 89% accuracy thanks to Bitcoin Profit%u2019s team of dedicated crypto traders.

%uF0D8   Smarter Choices
        Take advantage of the fund management options within the Bitcoin Profit app and grow a steady, long-term investment that
        you can always rely on.

%uF0D8   Real-Time Results
        Stay in the loop and never miss out on the chance to profit thanks to instant notifications on key moves in the market.

%uF0D8   Exclusive Tools
        Automate your Bitcoin Profit trades with professional grade tools that allow you to make money without having to do a thing.

%uF0D8   100% Up Time
        Bitcoin Profit runs on dedicated servers so that when there%u2019s a change in the market, you never have to wait to profit.

%uF0D8   Unlimited Deposits
        Deposits and withdrawals take seconds with Bitcoin Profit thanks to a range of flexible approaches designed to make life easy.

 So you are interested in what you can visit on
Gambling / Re: Casino with Sports betting + 16 games and 1500 slots !
« Last post by lexus19 on Today at 02:11:23 AM »
Save your money !!!!
Hard fucking, no winnings at all, a complete madhouse !

A few days of such bestiality !

Nerly 4000$ lost

Ахтунг, Ахтунг - Берегите ваши деньги !!!!
Жесткое жорево, выигрыша вообще нет, полнейший дурдом !

Несколько дней вот такого скотства !

260.000 рублей проиграно !

Current RACE ends in 14 Hours ;)

Which of our new releases do you guys like the most and which games do you want to see next week?

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eCommerce and general business / Re: Market Analysis
« Last post by FutureICO on Yesterday at 07:59:56 PM »

XAU/USD is struggling to get an uptrend but it can’t exceed it’s final resistance 1960 over the period of time. So, from my point of view I can see that it recently tried to break the last downtrend and failed to gain that kind of force. Again it back from support level at 1769 and trying to gather force for the next resistance.
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