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Author Topic: ALTCOINER (Hong Kong) IS DEFINITELY A SCAM  (Read 1513 times)

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« on: June 13, 2017, 12:53:11 PM »

My experience with Bitcoin investment company: Altcoiner (Hong Kong based???)

From their homepage, this company looks very serious. Their moto: "AltCoiner – At the forefront of AltCoins Trading" and the ABOUT US is convincing! They offer three investment plans for Bitcoin owners. You deposit a specified amount of Bitcoins for the level and each day, you receive a corresponding interest added to your account. The site is professionally done and can fool normal users. Registration is traightforward. They even advise you to start with very little amount to get used to the system and increase gradually. So, yu feel confident they are not after your hard-earned Bitcoins. So, you open an account for the lowest tier. You deposit a reasonable amount. You get an acknowledgement and the amount is posted in your account. Then, like magic, you see your earnings added to your account. Each deposit cannot be withdrawn before 5 calendar days. Each time you add money to your account, the 5-days start all over again.

There is abolutely no reason to be supsicious. Nothing at all. Everything looks normal. Deposits are acknowledged as soon as they are confirmed by the network. Account is credited with both deposits and interest, so you see your account growing. You think any time, when you need the funds, you'll claim it and this very honest company will return your Bitcoin with the earned interest.

Here is my experience:


10 May: 0.30 BTC
11 May: 0.14 BTC
22 May: 0.90 BTC
22 May: 0.767 BTC

Total: 2.107 BTC

With my amounts deposited (under 3.99 BTC), I fell under level 1 investment. I chose 100% compunded interest, which is offred as option.

On May 30, my principal and interest had amounted to: 3.7483362. I was bout to add more funds to move to the next level, as it did not rrequire much. Before that, I decided to test their withdrawal speed, just in case I needed the money urgently one day.

So, on may 30, I requested a withdrawal of my principal and interest. Alcoiner retained their 5% fees so the amount due to me was: 3.5610119.

From that day, it still shows as pending in my account. However, to date, not an single message from the company. No response to three support tickets. TOTAL SILENCE.

Maybe I have lost this important amount to me. It has alsoo shattered my initial enthusiasm for cryptocurrency, because there really isn't a way from keeping company like these to operate without any warning to the unawares. as of writing, this company's website is still there, probably accepting new users and their Bitcoins. Nowhere to go to be warned against such unethical business behavior! Due diligence is not enough.

So, in conclusion, please STAY AWAY from Let my experience be a warning to you and do not repeat my mistake. They are very clever, as dishonest people usuall are. Even after this warneing, if you gp to the website and read what they are offering, you may have some doubts. Do not. you have been warned. I wasn't.

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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 07:00:32 PM »
Thanks for warning.
Will the real Bitcoin please stand up, please stand up, please stand up
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