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jonny888: is free to use and useful project.
Regularly updated database of crypto frauds reported by real victims.

In 2020 there was a large outrage on Twitter about a scammer asking you for your Bitcoin and promises to double it...This Year, MyCryptoMixer is making such an attempt while doing it very poorly and obviously through this website... [nofollow]
They promise to “mix” your coins while making the transactions unidentifiable and then they rob you of your Bitcoin. He’s scammed a couple of people and one individual of his 13 bitcoins already!! Beware!! Read the narration of an unfortunate victim: [nofollow] [nofollow]
If someone of the victims is reading here and willing to share the BTC address the coins were sent to I can do a quick check if I can trace the scammers transactions already to an exchange. If yes then you'd need law enforcement support to convince the exchange to hand over all information about the scammer who is their client.


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