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Elon Musk double your Bitcoin SCAM


Hello. I am new to this forum. I dont know what to do. Oh god please may someone please help me??? I dont know where to post or what to do. I fell for the Elon Musk scam where you get 2x of the BTC you sent to him. DONT DO THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID!!!!!! This guy isnt Elon Musk and you wont get your bitcoins back!!! I am waiting for month for my bitcoins to get back... and nothing happens... Now all my saved money is gone, which I wanted to put into a two room apartment for retirement. Man I am such an idiot. I hate begging but my income is not enough for the apartment. God please i don't know what to do anymore. If my wife finds out she kills me. And if it is only a small amount I would really appreciate it. The only thing I have left is my empty address.


I need help! Much love to all Bitcoin users. Lets make it the biggest opportunity in mankind history!!!
From this address nothing was sent to the Elon Musk scam.

Dora WalletInvestor:

--- Quote from: on April 20, 2021, 08:54:20 PM ---From this address nothing was sent to the Elon Musk scam.

--- End quote ---

How do you know?
It's a valid BTC address but it was never used for a transaction yet, here a look with a bitcoin explorer:


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