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Friend Loses $650,000 in Bitcoin from Mixer


Hello everyone,
A friend of mine recently incurred a tragic misfortune by choosing a sketchy Bitcoin mixer for his transaction known as MyCryptoMixer. He thought that he might as well try out a mixer in order to improve his privacy, and after looking around for a bit decided to try out MyCryptoMixer. The website, although aesthetically okay, has a completely nonfunctional backend. Nothing works properly on it's end, meaning that when you deposit Bitcoin into it you're essentially throwing money into a black hole. The website stole a truly insane amount of money (around thirteen Bitcoin), and I don't want it to happen to anybody else. Don't risk throwing your money away with this mixer.

I have seen this story reported elsewhere. It's very sad and incidences like this discourages more people from getting involved with bitcoin. decided to keep the bitcoin once it became apparent that the victim did not have the letter of guarantee. They have some bad karma coming their way, and I suspect that they will be tracked and arrested when the funds move.

Here are links to the story:
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Cryptoscammers are, unfortunately, almost ubiquitous in the industry. I think one should never trust anyone who promises big profits for a small investment.
What is the BTC address your friend sent the funds to, I can try to trace it with my forensics tools?


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