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Is Tokenfield worth the investment? The next 10x cryptocurrency?


uri boyka:
I think u know WiseToken,it[/size]’[/size]s hot now.And[/size] [/size]I have a certain understanding of [/size]WiseToken,[/size]but I [/size]found[/size] the return on the two ETHs I invested on the 34th day [/size]of the program [/size]will be very low[/size],[/size] [/size]i[/size]t is not wise to continue investing in [/size]WiseToken.[/size]
[/size]So when i see a [/size]new platform[/size] named TokenField(Day4),[/size]I am confused whether I should invest in[/size].[/size]I carefully observed the website of the platform[/size],[/size]I found [/size]it[/size] almost exactly the same as [/size]WiseToken.[/size]As investors, we discussed a lot about Tokenfield in the [/size]W[/size]ise telegram group[/size],s[/size]ome say they are liars, some say they are copyists[/size],[/size]b[/size]ut for me, I just want to make money[/size].[/size]Finally I put in an ETH as a try[/size].[/size][/size]I know how to allocate my investment, but I know little about smart contracts and [/size]U[/size]niswap. So I would like to ask [/size]u guys[/size] whether models like Wisetoken [/size]or[/size] Tokenfield are the same as ICOs a few years ago? [/size]If it sends money to Uniswap means my[/size] rights can be protected[/size]?[/size]
[/size]Although Tokenfield provides an audit report[/size] from[/size], if anyone [/size]here[/size] is proficient in smart contracts and Uniswap, can you check if there are any loopholes?[/size]
[/size]([/size]I will not [/size]post[/size] a referral link, I just want to discuss[/size])[/size]


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