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Author Topic: Mayzus and Moneypolo are 100% SCAM and thieves.  (Read 7689 times)

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Mayzus and Moneypolo are 100% SCAM and thieves.
« on: July 17, 2015, 03:13:16 PM »

MoneyPolo are obviously scamming their clients. We are another victim of their scam!
We have an account with over 1,1k USD that have been blocked. About 700 usd we have transferred from our single btc-e account, the rest 400 usd came with wire transfer from our client. After our first request about blocking reasons support department requested the verification procedure. We have passed their 2 layer verification including video verification and provided notarized copies of documents, including documents of the client who sent us the wire. After that moneypolo support ceased responding us via email/ticket/skype – complete ignoring of our requests. More than one month passed. We are very frustrated calling their UK support number. Russian unfriendly lady Julia answers our call, being not helpful at all she redirects us to another Russian guy Igor. Igor, talking in rude manner, informing us that account is blocked because of suspicions activity, what exactly was suspicious is not explained. From his words account shall be blocked for 1 more month. Why one month and not one year or a decade and who sets those rules is not explained either. When we ask why we haven’t been informed officially via email/skype etc., why we have no answer at all for long period of time he answers “We were too busy to answer you emails” – this is the answer of respectable financial company who cares about their reputation!
We are more than sure that after one month our account will be deleted and Mayzus/Moneypolo will steal our money. No one will answer the phone anymore. That already happened to people who dealt with Mayzus/MoneyPolo and there are feedbacks about such incidents on forums.
People, please be aware of those incidents and never invest into Mayzus and MoneyPolo. They will scam you and steal your funds as they did it to many people already.


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