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The project we know has made a reservation for listing on an exchange called okx.
Then, sent them the $ they asked for and was promised a 100% refund if the listing was revoked at any time.

And about 4 months passed, and okx did not approve the listing.
So rightfully asked for a 100% refund under the contract, but they said they would deduct about 15%. That is, the 100% refund they promised was proven false.

And, by tracking their accounts, it was confirmed that several people already divided the money like a multi-level company.

However, the project team recognized that they had made the wrong choice, gave up 15%, and requested a refund of the remaining amount.
However, okx initially paid a small amount, constantly delayed the date, and eventually started acting suspiciously of refusal to pay.

They sent a small amount of money in several installments, and the refund has not been completed even after more than 50 days have passed.
Their excuses were changed from time to time, and the refund team leader, "Tom Jung", continued to make excuses.
At first, they lied that the system would automatically pay in installments,
Second, it will be refunded soon, so sending $1k first is the refund signal.
Thirdly, they said that it was a holiday period and they would return it all within that period,
They didn't complete the refund after all, even after the holidays.
It was all just a joke on their comedy.

With these examples, we indirectly realized that the top exchanges in the industry are fraudulent organizations such as ftx. As this appears to be a sign of a huge financial scam that will affect many potential project owners,
We decided to proceed with these warnings to prevent numerous damages.

I sincerely hope that many people will sympathize with us, join us, and root out these social evils.

We will soon share the okx listing reservation notarization promised by the project team, detailed information about the okx China refund team, and submit evidence of the trading account tracking, revealing that this is the truth.

We will gather all the evidence soon and update it.

We will also share this with the numerous social and scam reporting communities we know.

* Evidence such as the okx listing contract will be shared soon.
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