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Fellow bitcoiners:

Think twice before creating an account on the Rock Trading Exchange, even if you get a free invitation code, without reading the below quick summary and the Rock CFO ratings at another forum:
You can check his ratings here
hpostimg . cc / 1gd0hMGT

The Rock CFO was banned from the other forum. I won't name the other forum, out of respect for bitcoinforum.
I won't also name them, but their identity is public information.

This is going on for 2 years.


I) I have on the Rock Trading exchange 35519 euros and they covertly blocked all my means of withdrawal, including all crypto, on December 2017!, more than 2 years ago. I can't post for a scan of my balance, but google my thread with similar title.

II) They refused several times to explain why. Now they wrote it was because the account was "dormant". Which is a complete lie.

III) They didn't tell me about the withdrawal block and let me keep entrapping more money with a deposit and trading/paying fees for months unaware of the block against what article 8.4 of their own TOS demands. This is fraud and a scam.

IV) When I complained on August 2018, they demanded my documents against what their FAQ said "verification isn't mandatory"and the Rock CFO had confirmed me by email that verification was voluntary. They removed this reference to the voluntary nature of verification probably on 16 may 2019, which is another confession that they are breaching it. But the original version is conserved here as it was on 2 November 2018. I can't post the link. But search for my post on the other forum.

V) Since I argued this, they eventually said I didn't have to send my documents, but they said that my money would be kept blocked "much more time".

VI) When I said I would take this public, they started demanding my documents again.

VII) Mandatory verification has no basis on their TOS, so they lied about an applicable european directive. But they know that the IV AML Directive isn't applicable to crypto exchanges. And the V AML Directive isn't applicable until Italy converts it into Italian Law. Moreover, even the V AML Directive only applies to crypto when there is fiat conversion/withdrawal. I only want to withdraw bitcoin.

VIII) Italian Law, Legislative Decree No. 231/2007, as emended by Legislative Decree No. 90 of 25 May 2017, on AML and KYC duties, but his article 3, n.ยบ 5, i), says that crypto exchanges are restrictively ("limitatamente") subject to this duties only on their operations of conversion from crypto to fiat. That is, to customers who ask for fiat withdrawals. I never asked for fiat withdrawal

IX) They confessed they are ready to keep my money "forever" (cit), under the pretext of the illegal KYC:

X) For months they kept raising abusive suspicious about my ownership against the overwhelming evidence, which is a fact confirming that asking for my documents is just a pretext in order for them to keep my money blocked. No honest person would deny my ownership. If I sent them my documents they would invent another pretext.

XI) What they are doing is completely contrary to italian law (quoted above) and their own TOS/FAQ

XII) This is now on the european arbitrage system and on an Italian Financial Arbitrator, after a complaint with full disclose of identity with the same names they have on file. This was confirmed by a banking transfer to pay for the complaint cost and by documents sent. There is no longer any anonymity, but they still refuse to return my money.

XIII) They confessed several times that there isn't any security reason and that they know that the money is mine.

XiV) They also confessed that if they lose the case they are not going to respect the decision of the Arbitrator to release my money:

XV) Beware, the Rock CFO wrote he is ready to do to every unverified customer what they are doing to me, even without changing their own TOS:

XVI) They breached their duty to respect the privacy of their customers and account security. They published here on bitcointalk almost all the personal details they had, including first name, nationality, gender, banking relations on a EU country and a full text of an 2013 email which was irrelevant to their defense:

XVII) They confessed that they are not acting under their TOS/FAQ or italian law (so, they accept that they are breaching both) but claim to be "anticipating" the V AML European Directive that they know isn't applicable in Italy until converted in Italian Law:

XVIII) On July 2019, they inserted a new sentence on their FAQ: "If your account is unverified you will not be able to trade, deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies and/or euro."
They are trying to "clean" now acts they done on December 2017 and August 2018! The authorities will see this as a clear confession of the illegality of these acts. Only changes FAQ the ones who breached them!

XIX) They paid for 13 positive reviews on their Facebook page, all made on about 1h, on 28 September and 2 October 2019. This is a fraud and confirms what kind of people manages the Rock Trading.

XX) the Rock CFO (with his new account Marco777) denied for the first time in almost 2 years of public fight the amount of 35519 euros he is trying to keep "forever" Which is something that only someone with scam intentions would do. He had confirmed the 35500 euros before on posts on my thread on the other forum.

XXII) The Italian Authority Garante of Privacy, contrary to other authorities, answered the complaint and the case is now pending.

XXI) They confirmed the main facts on a post.

My evidence of property of the account:

I) I have the login and password of my Rock account.

II) I have the login and password of the email associated with the account and I wrote them using this email.

III) The IP I have is and always have been from the same country and location.

IV) There is a second Rock account that the Rock knows is related to me. An email was sent from that email account confirming my identity.

V) I quoted detailed conversations I had with the CTO Paci on Second Life 6 years ago.

VI) I can confirm my identity using the Second Life account associated with my Rock account.

VII) I still own the banking account with the account number (IBAN) the Rock Trading has on file.

VIII) There is a coincidence between the two names on file with the Rock and names on the complaint to the Arbitrator.

IX) I signed a message with a bitcoin address used to make a deposit on the Rock Trading in 1 June 2017 and posted it on my thread on the other forum.

X) 2 years passed since this public conflict started. If I wasn't the owner, the real me would already claimed the money. I told them I wouldn't login again and no one has login on the account for about 2 years

Thank you for the heads up as well as the detailed information about the scam!


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