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Verified [color=red][acronym=Unfortunately this term was censored due to coercive threats of violence made by representatives of this company.][censored][/acronym][/color] Users can earn weekly


It has come to my notice that many investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts shy away from [censored] due to the fees involved. Well, before I start, [censored] is the best platform you can ever use if you are in the United States or in verified European countries. It has a well documented API and is very user friendly. So, with that said, if your [censored](United States or EU) is verified and you wish to earn about $500-$1000, contact me on WhatsApp +17346207114. I’d be happy to help!

I have been working with [censored] for a long time and I can say that this platform is one of the best. I’m very interested in your proposal, I would not mind learning more about it

Is it a scam? It's in the scams section of the forum.


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