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Author Topic: Cryptovest Financial Services (CVFS) Stock IPO 0.5-4% dividends p/m  (Read 4743 times)

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We know your time is precious, so we’ll be quick

CryptoVest IPO

This is an announcement of the upcoming public offering for CryptoVest Financial Services (CVFS) listed on newbielink: [nonactive].

CVFS is an ambitious start up investment management house and brokerage based in London with an International reach and a focus on integrity and performance.

Investor Protection

All public shares will receive the first dividends up to the value of 0.002BTC/share, providing public investors a priority in receiving a minimum of 100% return on their investment.

Not just royalties investors with us become owners as well and can convert to HMRC share certificates if they choose.

Website: newbielink: [nonactive]

The full prospectus can be found newbielink: [nonactive].
Early bird shares can be purchased at just 0.0012 BTC per share and its buy 2 get one free until May 16th!
You must buy a minimum of 50 shares to get the offer and this will give you 75 shares in total  newbielink: [nonactive]


Background and USP

Our team started investing in Bitcoin back in 2009/10 our focus was low risk strategies and the idea of mixing broking with trading to reduce risk.
We are now looking to take this proven strategy to the next level by raising capital to act as seed capital into our investment fund and working capital for our brokerage. Almost 80% of the funds raised are not used up or consumed but used to make more money.

Many of us come from a banking background and are familiar with using derivatives, specifically exploiting miss pricing, this lead us to begin offering crypto hedging services we can currently hedge customers BTC and LTC transactions with 100% efficiency a very useful tool for large miners. A successful raise would allow us to move from over the counter transactions to a platform based hedging and broker service.

Finally we would be the first crypto business with a live multi purpose sales team. Our retail sales team will cold call new customers to educate them on our investment opportunities and sell crypto live on the streets of London to retail investors. While our institutions team will focus on targeting larger more sophisticated investors.

Feasibility test and Profit History

This was the revenue generated when testing the brokerage business model to check feasibility. We were given a small amount of capital and all profit was given back to Little Phoenix Investors. Customers and testimonials can be found on facebook newbielink: [nonactive]  my FB is Malcolm Malcy ( no website back then)

Aug 2013 - £248
Sep 2013 - £450
Oct 2013 - £853
Nov 2013 - £1640
Dec 2013 - £2412

I then decided to stop to set up Cryptovest

Investment Management

CryptoVest Investment Management (CVIM) will create and sell cryptographic currency related Investment products. Two of these products will include an asset management company targeted to crypto Investors and a hedge fund. The hedge fund will be regulated in London by the FCA targeted towards High Net worth, Family office and Institutional Investors all over the world.
The fund products will offer Investors the ability to have an actively managed exposure to cryptographic currencies instead of a purely passive holding. It will diversify portions of the profits generated into additional crypto-currencies and ventures helping to build and sustain the market. The funds’ hedging will generate revenue even during market downturns by utilising derivatives, providing liquidity to the brokerage and trading operations.
Prospectus Page 9

Sales & Trading   

Crypto4me (C4M) is our flagship crypto-voice brokerage focused on providing white label umbrella services supporting the small over the counter brokers (OTC) setting up shop around the world. The C4M sales team is also responsible for marketing and selling crypto currencies directly to new investors.
We will take away the pain, small brokers face by leveraging our Banking infrastructure, automating trades and managing the brokers’ liquidity allowing them to focus on finding and educating new customers.
Customers will also be able to trade crypto-currencies through our brokers offline and online via a brokerage platform directly. Our services also include hedging large transactions removing market risk and increase market stability. They can also come to any of our crypto safe-houses to learn more about crypto-currencies from a personal adviser. Finally our brokerage, C4M will cross-sell different investment products and services to our customers.


Sources of Revenue & Investor Returns
CVFS is unique in that it can generate income both externally (Sales) from serving customers directly and internally (Trading & Investing) by taking positions within our investment fund.

Internal Revenue

The primary source of revenue is from our investment funds will be performance fees.

•    Property Investments yielding a 10-20 % Pa and projected capital gains of 5% Pa
•    Crypto Investment Fund uses information and data to trade projected yields of 3.5% a month

External Revenue

Our secondary source of revenue will be from our market-making services:

•    Management fees on active Investment products to investors yield 2% pa and 20%  performance fees.
•    Passive SIPP (UK) and (401k (US) Investment products provide 0.5% pa and 3% transaction fees.
•    Our active sales team C4ME will charge commissions on over the counter brokerage transactions, Hedging transactions and white label services sales at 4-10%.

Dividends paid out to shares come from our retained profits. It's important to note that our
focus moves from capital gains in the first year to more reliable and sustainable income
generation in the second year.

Our business will operate under a form of quasi-regulation. We specifically highlight that while we support integrity and the benefits of regulation we have no intention to be tied down by it.

While many parts of our business operate freely from regulatory restrictions, we also have parts that are fully regulated by the FCA and SEC. Our pension based investment products will be fully regulated, based on the jurisdictions these products are marketed to.

Our business is suited to adapting to shifts in regulation and this is an area we will watch very carefully.
It is important to note that we will steer very clear away for any illegal activities and we believe our customers can protect their identities without us breaking the law of the jurisdictions we operate in.
Marketing Strategy brief description
Initially we will utilise small marketing and networking strategies targeted towards both the cryptographic economy and the non-crypto economy. While our primary infrastructure is getting set up we will advertise just enough to match the demand we can handle. Finally, once our systems are complete we will move out with a large marketing campaign focusing on advertising our services.

Areas we will target:

Investment shows and Exhibitions
Educational seminars and Events
Private and Corporate investment institutions
Press Campaign
Online Campaign
Outdoor activity

CryptoVest will expand the marketing budget periodically as the business grows.
Prospectus page 24-27


Share Holding Structure
CryptoVest Financial Services (CVFS)

(CVFS) is a virtual entity of Bit4me Ltd. Public investors will hold 35% of CryptoVest Financial Service shares, whilst Bit4me Ltd (UK) shall retain 65% of shares.

CVFS virtual shares will represent 100% of the global profits of the Bit4me Limited.

CryptoVest shares can be converted into Bit4me shares and will represent an equivalent share of the holding company, Bit4me.
IPVO Information
Shares will be sold and made available to the public in batches of between 100,000 - 1,000,000 at a time until a total of 12,200,000 shares have been sold to the public.

Funding Target
Our target is 18,300 BTC in total.
Our business will still operate and be profitable as we only require 120 BTC or 100000 shares sold to begin our basic fund trading operations.
Our sales team will continue selling & marketing shares online and offline until our full
funding target is reached.

Investor Protection

The 12,200,000 public shares will receive the first dividends up to the value of 0.002BTC/share, providing public investors a priority in receiving a minimum of 100% return on their investment. Dividend payments will be made on the last working day of each quarter at 18:00 GMT

When activated dividends will be 0.5-4% per month.

Voting rights

Shareholders will have full voting rights with both CVFS and BIT4ME. We are keen to hear back from our shareholders on all areas of our operations and receive feedback on our progress. You will also have the opportunity to vote on operational activities by joining here: newbielink: [nonactive]

Financial Statements
Quarterly financial statements will be published across all platforms where CryptoVest Financial Services Holdings shares are available to be purchased. We are required by law to provide accounts and our fund must provide monthly reports to the regulator; as such our accounts will be open and transparent from the start of our operations.

Forced Buy Backs
Cryptovest cannot enforce the buyback of shares.
Future Shares
No additional shares shall be issued, and total outstanding shares shall perpetually remain at 26,142,857. Any future capital, raised through the sale of shares after the IPVO shall be through the sale of additional shares, currently 65%, owned by Bit4me (UK).

In the event of insolvency, all assets shall be sold and all proceeds remaining after repaying creditors shall be divided evenly and paid to each public shareholder without fail. Customers are not creditors, and CryptoVest (UK) will not have access to any customer funds in the event of dissolution. Deposits shall be recovered by the customer though the external legal representative



Governance Committee

Our independent Governance Committee is made up of voted shareholders and individuals with many years of industry experience and is responsible for monitoring and advising on our corporate actions. We are lucky to have them offering their services to us. Ensuring high levels of corporate governance and monitoring. The primary goal of the Committee is to notify shareholders of any activites that may be against the best interest of share holders.

Shareholder Investment Committee

Share holders selected by vote every three quarters until six have been selected. These shareholders will have seats on governance committee and will monitor and give advice on our operational activities based on their expertise. If you are skilled in a certain area and want to assist do not hesitate to get in touch.

Giving Back
We have a vested interest in showing the benevolence and benefit that the crypto-currency  community as a whole can bring. CryptoVest will put aside 5% of our profits to be donated to selected good causes in the form of crypto-donations. This will go to development projects, websites, charities or communities that are for the greater good of others.
The charities will also receive information packs and support on installing and utilising crypto-wallets. These donations will be very public and shareholders will have the ability to vote every quarter on the selected projects.

Our teams details and history can be found on the prospectus (page 28)  and on the website newbielink: [nonactive]

Contact us
Direct Broker Phone: +447963517697/+447969206770
Skype: Cryptovest
Direct Broker E-mail:
Pre Raise Site: newbielink: [nonactive]
Address: 116 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED

You can purchase shares newbielink: [nonactive]

The full prospectus can be found newbielink: [nonactive] and investment benefits can be found on page 6-8.

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Re: Cryptovest Financial Services (CVFS) Stock IPO 0.5-4% dividends p/m
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Ok, this is pretty interesting.
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