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Hey guys, a friend of mine has been experimenting with his new website,, where you use bitcoin private keys to sign and post messages. Now I was wondering, how safe are bitcoin addresses compared to other security measures like PGP keys? I know in terms of brute cracking a bitcoin or PGP key, although a PGP key would take longer, both would take so long it's not even worth trying for to crack either one. But what about signing messages, obviously this is what PGP was designed for, but bitcoin seems to be working pretty well on our site. What do you guys think about this?

PGP uses RSA/DSA, and Bitcoin uses ECDSA. ECDSA requires a much smaller key size for the same reliability.
Also ECDSA is an ANSI/IEEE/NIST/ISO standard. But ECDSA is designed for signing only, not for encryption. 8)


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