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Author Topic: dual cold storage  (Read 2817 times)

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dual cold storage
« on: November 19, 2014, 02:35:06 PM »
So I'm not rich, but I do have 6 BTC so far. I am looking for the most secure way to save these bits and I am going to ask you guys if you think this is safer than safe. My two cold storage wallets are indestructible  hard plastic and aluminum cards with one being 8 hexadecimal pass phrase on bip 38 the other is 16 hexadecimal passphrase bip 38. I was going to use the 8 hex card as my public wallet, and the 16 as my private. All monies stored in the 16 are never sent to any wallet other than my public. That way the wallett address is never going public. The public wallet will have very few bits in it and will be used as middle man between transferring funds between my 16 and my online account. That way the 8 he is the only wallet doing public transactions.

The question is, am I going overboard?


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