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How Bitcoin mining works?

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How Bitcoin mining works?


Is not mining BitCoin a waste of energy? I thing, that in future there will be more projects like Nebula Network - decentralized storage cloud. Emission mechanism is tied to their supply and exchange rate is rock stable (separated from BitCoin rate). It's already working on Tether USDT which has stable rate in about 1$ and I thing thats great - investors dont have to worry about rate turbulences. What do you thing?


Bitcoin mining is a process by which bitcoins are generated. They are given in the form of reward to the miner who solves the puzzle first. It works on the concept of blockchain.

Suppose you are transferring 50 bitcoins to say your friend. When you broadcast the message, all the nodes in the network will verify the transaction. There are specialized programmers called “miners” who solve the puzzle in order to add the transaction to the block. The miner who solves the puzzle first receive reward in the form of bitcoin and transaction fee. In the previous years bitcoin reward was 25 bitcoins per transaction and right now its 12.5. The reward is halved every four years. This process of bitcoin generation is known as bitcoin mining. The transaction verified successfully is then added to the block and bitcoins are transferred to your friend’s account/wallet.

Does cloud mining still profitable? as per other mining the return is very slow. you have to invest more to feel your earning, i came accross this site and they will start this April, im planning to try this one, any two cents? i think they are worth a try because you can sell or stop your contract anytime and resell it so you could have your investment back unlike the old cloud mining where you dont have a choice but wait. i think this mining is worth a try. Any idea guys?

As a Newbie, the article explains mining clearly to me. I'd recommend people to check this out.
But in the explanation to five year old child, it's a little confusing.  ??? So basically, miners have two ways to earn cryptocurrency: 1. mine blocks and contributing computer power to blockchain (every miner is solving the same mathematical problem at a time, and the first solver could gain the new releasing cryptocurrency as a reward). 2. process the transaction for users in the blockchain. Transaction fee is existing crypto currency that will pay for miners.

Lmk if there's any concept should be corrected.  8)


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