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Author Topic: How do I know has provided a matching pubkey and privkey?  (Read 2088 times)

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So, this question might be silly but I am a little worried about my cold storage/paper wallet.

I have generated a Bitcoin wallet with on an offline computer, printed the codes etc, etc. My question is: how do I know that when I come to collect my bitcoins from the Paper Wallet (by sweeping it via for example), the private key that was provided to me today paired with the public key to which I have sent bitcoins and confirmed that they arrived, will work without showing the key to the network? In other words: do I just have to trust that all the paired Public and Private keys that are generated through their script are genuine and match each other? It seems to me that if I store some Bitcoin in a paper wallet, and I would keep it there for 10 years, I would only really know for sure that the private key was the right one after 10 years...???



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This is a great question and im interested in the answer as well.....anyone know?? Beware of Bitcoin miner posing as Trend Micro AV

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