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How to Avoid IP Blocking
« on: October 19, 2021, 05:53:30 AM »

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Each website you access implements blocking techniques to protect its resources and users from unwanted visitors or abnormal activity. Some sites oblige users to enter their phone number. Other sites track user geolocation for this. That is, a limited number of accounts can be tied to one IP. This technology is called Craiglist. If you know what kind of cyber attack technology the sites you visit use, then you can avoid being blocked.

Understand your target site

Different websites have different requirements, sites develop their blocking methods based on what their users can do on the site. Just take a look of three common used platforms about what they focus on:

a. Instagram, for example, focuses on the user-agent with the majority of its users logging in on their mobile phones.

b. Facebook emphasizes geolocation as people log in from both mobile phones and desktops alike.
c. Craigslist is a location-specific platform and limits the number of accounts, ads, and more, from a single IP address.

Knowing your websites of interest and what they focus on is the key to avoid blocking techniques.

Use the right IP type and settings

If you use multiple accounts, then you will need several residential IPs. A residential IP address is the IP address associated with a gadget, such as a phone or laptop. Their real owners, Internet service providers, register IP addresses in publicly accessible databases, which allows websites to determine the Internet service provider, network, and device location. Most online services recognize residential IP addresses as real people.

Do not overload the server

The most common attack on a server is known as a DDoS Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS means using multiple IPs, servers or connections to target and overload the same site or server, causing it to shut down. Although this is overloading at its most extreme form, simply having too many concurrent connections accessing the same site can cause an issue. Yes, we want to work fast but consider the size of the site and what it can handle to keep your accounts and operations running smoothly.

It' s a good solution to the right automation software, you can emulate multiple real users and manage multiple accounts much more better under it help If your are worrying about your device fingerprints, browsing environment or both of them, there is an excellent tool I recommend -- Adspower. You can create a new IP with different time zone, location and etc on the same device, your IP will never be blocked. Sites will not be able to identify you as the source of a DDoS attack. Adspower lets you control your fingerprints and manage your profiles. If you are not using Adspower, you may need to take great time to deal with the problem.