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Author Topic: Czech Republic SPI and SEMI licenses!  (Read 2531 times)

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Czech Republic SPI and SEMI licenses!
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:38:14 AM »

We draw your attention, that we accompany to get SPI license in Czech Republic.
SPI license (Small Payment Institution license) - it is important thing for financial business. Usually this is E-Money business and ICO.
Lately Czech license SPI have growing popularity. When you have the license, your company can:
  • Accept and send payments to clients
  • Exchange electronic money
  • Electronic money processing and money transfer from a third person
  • Release debit cards
  • Build processing center
  • Open e-money account for clients and service it
  • Release financial instruments
  • Realize money transfers without account opening
But for obtain SPI license in Czech Republic, you should to do requirements: from company registration to provision of legal address. To do it yourself is risky. In this case you can contact us for help.
Also we can offer SEMI license in Czech Republic (Small Electronic Money Institution). It have same capabilities, as SPI, but with one difference: e-money institution can release electronic money. Here is capabilities of SEMI:
  • Issuance of electronic money
  • Offering payment services related to electronic money
  • Offering non-electronic payment services, which was specified in the license
If you have interest to obtain SEMI or SPI, than you can realize it now. Just contact us through any feedback!
Telegram: RomanovOFFSHORE



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