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Author Topic: Looking for Crypto Currency Investors  (Read 60 times)

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Looking for Crypto Currency Investors
« on: March 08, 2020, 04:11:53 AM »

Hi, Thank for looking at my post, my name is Greg.. Welcome!!

I manage my own cyrpto currency portfolio on one of the US exchanges.  I am looking for serious investor that know what they are getting into and what the actual income is.

I do not do trading on this exchange, instead I do portfolio rebalancing on on crypto currencies, forex, equities, and equity options. Each portfolio function independently and has its own allocation of fund.

I have been doing research for over 9.5 years on the equity/stock markets, and have finally put together, a portfolio management/rebalancing/making money method that I have tested a 1000 times..

I might want to add that this investment, should you decide to do, is a long term investment, but the portfolio value increases over time, so essential in compound, so as the portfolio value increases, the rebalancing sized increase, it sort of snow balls from there..

I am only going to take a limited amount of people, becuase i would have to sent each payment manually for each market. so i don't want to do like 40 bitcoin transactions when a payout is due. I am most likely only going to accept 15 investors for each portfolio crypto currencies, forex, equities, and equity options, and the minimum amount is $500, with a maximum of $2500, there is also a half a percent(.5%) deposit and withdrawal fee, in case if you ever decide to take your deposit back, and get out of the investment.

To make a long story short, if you are interested in investing into my portfolio, and fully understand, not the risk involved, the risk is low, becuase this is not trading, its portfolio rebalancing, and you will always have contact with me via email personally for any questions or anything, but you have to understand, that this is going to be a long term investment, which offers organic growth with the compounding process, so your payment will get bigger over time.

To kind of example the payout procedures, is like this, when ever the portfolio realizes a gain in USD, first the portfolio value increases, and next we have a withdrawal or the owner's salary, and the due taxes.  The taxes I keep so i can pay them at the end of the year, and the owner's salary get divided by the 15 investor, minus i would like to take at least 12% of the profits from each investor, that also covers fees, then i send the bitcoins to the 15 addresses. At that point we are done with the withdrawal and the distribution process. and we wait for the next realized gain of the portfolio..

Well my name is Greg Tash, I live in Los Angeles, I don't work, I don't work for any company, I am self-employed managing the four portfolio for a living.

So as I said, I have been doing extensive research for the last 9.5 years, since September for 2010. Finally I found the way to make money on random step processes like securities, may it be crypto stock or forex, anything with random step. Along the way I have lost a lot of money from my personal fund, testing, experimenting, mostly on stock options. I found at the end of the day, that trading is wrong for trying to make money on the financial markets, I found that you have to do portfolio rebalancing, I also did research on margin call and intensity multiplier for the rebalancing process.

I am not a scam, I am not trying to scam any money from anyone. Well to tell you the truth, my crypto portfolio is worth at the moment, $980, and my equity portfolio is worth $5190.  So if I can get the trust of some people, I can raise the value of the portfolios, and make them money, at the same time, getting my 12% from profits, which is 10% for a fee, and the 2% to cover all costs with getting the correct amount of bitcoin to the peoples address.

So the $980 is not making me too much money, the portfolio value will raise quickly, oh I forgot the mention, there is the primary activity of the portfolio rebalancing, and also there is a secondary activity, which comes into play and generates cash when the crypto markets go down, this cash goes towards the average prices of the cryptos in the portfolio, and gives a realized gain on all previous sales from the portfolio, so there is a single secondary activity, other then the main rebalancing process.

So the portfolio value will increase over time, but if I can get some investors, then I can make money for them, and the portfolio value will rise a little faster, and also, if you really think about it, my 10% is not going to make me too much more money anyhow.

Thank you, once again for your reply, if there is anything else you would like to know, or have some question, please sent a reply.

Also I am planing on making emails when a payment is sent, with how much was earned, what the portfolio current value is, how much the portfolio value with up by, how much were the taxes, and how much bitcoin is being sent to a person. Also you can participate in any of the portfolios, equity, equity options, crypto or forex, although only the equity, and the crypto portfolios are active, because that all the funds I have at the moment.

If your interested, please email me please serious investors only I will speak to you via email before I take your deposit and put you on the investors list..

ell you the truth this is my first time on this forum, I have never posted to a forum in my life, this is my first try. Yes I have 9.5 years of trading experience, I did research for the majority of that period, just recently started to make money...

Let me do this, let me post, if i can that is, a screenshot of the heads up display of my crypto portfolio tracking workbooks.  Its a excel tracker that I made from scratch.

I am not a scam, and I am not trying to scam anyone, i don't even know how to do that..What I am trying to do is to get a couple of investors, and make bigger money then just the $980 of my money.

Please if you have any other things to help me with, please tell me.. Thank you very much for your reply.. Ask any question you would like.

Thank you very much for reading.. I hope I can make you some money, at the some time make myself some money as well.. Thank you.


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