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Author Topic: Signals Hunt: Day Trading Data Gathered From Top Crypto Experts  (Read 164 times)

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SignalsHunt .com offers professional cryptocurrency signals gathered from over 10 respected premium telegram trade channels! We post an average of 20-40 various types of signals every day. At the moment, Telegram is the main media source you can use to receive our signals. However, we are planning to implement an online signals platform in the near future.
🔸 20-40 Instant Daily Signals
🔸 Technical Analysis
🔸 Market Reviews
🔸 ICO Reviews
🔸 24/7 Support
🔸 No Spam
🔸 9h Trading Fundamentals Video Course (only on Premium+)
- Asian Whales Club (AWC)
- Cryptoland Elite
- Coin Trading Signals
- Asian Whales
- Paid Trading (DZ871)
- Mining Hamster
(New channels will be added soon)
In case you think you lack the knowledge to trade cryptocurrencies, we have an amazing offer for beginner traders. We have partnered with a cryptocurrency consulting company ‘Sharper Trades’ to offer our clients a crypto trading fundamentals course together with Signals Hunt Premium subscription. We call it 'Signals Hunt Premium +'. For just extra 0.3 ETH, you get 400 USD worth 9h professional courses covering:
✅ Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Fundamentals
✅ Beginner & Advanced Technical Analysis: indicators, patterns, trends, support/resistance levels etc.
✅ Advanced Strategies and Tactics
✅ Risk Management
✅ Long/ Short Trading
✅ Market Analysis
✅ Trading Tips & Tricks
& more
At the moment we have great discounts on the whole range of Signals Hunt Premium and Premium+ subscriptions. Here are the latest offers:
🥉3 months -> 0.75 ETH
🥈12 months -> 1.45 ETH
🥇Lifetime -> 2.95 ETH
Premium+ (including 9h cryptocurrency trading courses):
💡 3 months -> 1.05 ETH
🎖12 months -> 1.75 ETH
🏆Lifetime -> 3.35 ETH
An average of +600-800% monthly profit. Here is the performance breakdown of our leading signal providers: prntscr .com/l3z59t .
We are planning to add at least 5 new source channels in the upcoming month and add Discord as a second platform to post all of the signals. We have already subscribed to the sources, it is just a matter of updating and testing our bot. As soon as new providers are added - the prices will go up!
➡️ To Join: visit signalshunt .com/subscriptions/
➡️ To Contact Admin: t .me/signalshuntadmin

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Re: Signals Hunt: Day Trading Data Gathered From Top Crypto Experts
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Great service


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