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Author Topic: VPS, Dedicated Servers, DDoS Protection. Privacy respected, Bitcoin accepted.  (Read 1558 times)

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Coinshost is a Swiss web hosting company where privacy is respected. Being huge fans, enthusiasts and supporters for cryptocurrencies we also have a great experience in providing web hosting services and DDoS protection.

Professional Bitcoin Hosting by CoinsHost

Dedicated Servers from 0.49 BTC
30+ Dedicated Server configurations for any task. We own all of the servers and buy new ones almost every week to meet growing demands of our clients. We are proud to host and protect against DDoS attacks some of the well known brands of the Bitcoin world.

- free and fast setup
- free KVM/IPMI
- 24/7/365 support (you can reach us anytime you want)
- DDoS protection up to 400 Gbps on demand (pay for it if only you need it)

Highly-available Bitcoin VPS XEN Hypervisor from 0.01 BTC
XEN hypervisor and OnApp-based Virtual Private Servers hosted on a redundant Cloud infrastructure and premium 10 Gbps network. Free instant VPS deployment, NAS storage, 200+ OS templates, free DNS hosting, VNC console and snapshots.

- instant deployment
- highest availability
- optional DDoS protection
- 10 Gbps network connection

DDoS protection for Bitcoin up to 400 Gbps from 0.47 BTC
Wow sounds huge, isn't it? Nevertheless, is it enough to keep your servers up and running? You bet! The largest attack registered so far was a 325 Gbps one. Such a massive attack knocks out whole networks and upstream providers one by one, but as long as you host your servers with us, you are safe.

- easy and quick setup
- proprietary custom made solution for every customer
- uptime guarantee (110% moneyback policy)
- UDP/TCP/ICMP etc. protection

Colocation at a secure data center in Zurich, Switzerland from 0.47 BTC
Need to host your servers at a secure place where customer privacy is of paramount importance? Obviously, Switzerland is your only choice. We accept any hardware  equipment up to 4 units in size and you can either bring it yourself or arrange for a delivery.

- 24/7 monitored environment
- strict company privacy policy and privacy protection laws of Switzerland
- total redundancy and power outage protection
- free DDoS protection for your servers

Contact: (24/7 live) and

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A bunch of new dedicated server configurations has arrived at our DC, check it out here:


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