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Author Topic: An unusual request from the depths of Russia  (Read 1869 times)

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An unusual request from the depths of Russia
« on: August 25, 2018, 04:08:17 PM »

Good day, bitcoinforum readers.

Hope you having a nice time today and get reading this post in a good mood, thus we both have better chances for profit in life, thoughts and karma.

Get a few moments to read this and understand what I want to tell you, I'm a real person posting this for help and advice.

Let me tell you a short story about myself:
I'm 33 years old now, born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Finished 2 universities, technical one - engineering of electronic devices and got a degree in sociology. Studied english in school, traveled a bit aroung the world.
Had a wife, got divorced because of a kinda painful cheating from the "other" side. Got a 9 years old son, that I don't talk to, the reason you will get a bit lower in this letter.

All my life I kept on reading, analyzing the life (that's why i graduated a sociology degree), trying and exploring ways to make a human life easier. I started a blog in Russia, which got a nice audience around. Got it banned several times, but made new ones. And as a result in my struggle with the roots of human problems in my country I had to criticize the government in my posts (not like any other political branch, but just pointing the rot of the current system), the mindset of people, rigemen. And know what? Once a day i got caught in the street by policemen, that "found" drugs in my pocket. Article 228 of the russian criminal codex (getting ready for drugs selling). Have never used any drugs but weed in past student times, and they got 10g of heroin in my pocket, packed in 10 different packs for 1g each. I was accused for trying to sell. Refused totally my guilt, got 2 different lawyers, spent tons of my money for it, money of my relatives and friends and as a result got 12 years of russian prison. Might be hard to believe that these kind of things happen in a country like this, but it happened to be a common practice.

All the time my lawyers kept on saying that see this kind of deal for the first time: so many violations, ignoring my right for defence, absolute absense of investigation and as a result all my appeals were kept without any consideration.

But that's all lyrics.

Now I'm in prison for almost 4 years. Have visited a lot of places (jails, prison camps) and currently I'm in my final destination.

For my knowledge of computers and kinda good ability to communicate, I managed to get a job in the headquarters here. After 2 years I managed to get a cellphone and people around seem to trust me that I'm not a threat for their system.

But all this time I keep on uploading stuff to the cloud disk: videos, documents, audio records, photos, my own diary records. But still not sure what I can do with this.

My nearest friend had a telegram message from me long ago with a link to it and login/password details and promised to open it only if something happens to me or I dissappear for more then 2 months (1 month in punishment room (sweat-box, penalty box) - don't know which translation is the right one, is a common practice even for those who work for the policemen, so they don't forget who's the boss in this place).

Now to cut a long story short I will talk turkey: I need an "investor". I'm not that kind of fool asking for money for nothing just for food and stuff. I want to ruin the current system, revealing the atrocities of russian prison system. But I want to be ready for that, get iron evidences, money for a long lawyer game.

As for now I need money to live like I live: I need to pay those policemen to stay at this place, to have a right to have a cellphone. I live in one of the worst prisons in Russia and the documents I have are just mindblowing.

That all might seem like some kind of fraud, but just imagine that all of the things I wrote is true. I explored the internet for a person like who wants to put to leave a mark in history, be a part of a grandiose process, that will face a big struggle in all russian government spheres. Wrote couple of people directly, got only one reply saying : "I don’t think I can help you with this, but I hope you find a way to earn the money you desire." Seems like he didn't even read the message, being deadly tired of all beggars around. The rest 9 people just kept silent: whether it's a matter of the proposal not being interesting at all or opensourced email addresses being spammed and not read thoroughly.

I can't tell you my name, name of prison, any more personal details, cause the internet is really scanned by this FSB and UFSIN employees and if they find out even my thought - that might cause any results for me. I literally live in the lair of the beast in a costume of their ally.

As I calculated for the total process i will need about $50000 ($50k) and about a year for the preparation period and a big chance of all my life ruined after the process starts, but at the same time a chance to change something for the best.

I need a bitcoin investment (best choice for me cause can deal with any amounts and exchange it to any bank or credit card of the police guys or lawyers).

As for now they blackmail me that I have to pay them $10000 for staying on this job and saving the cellphone, because the chief of the colony has changed and he's a real greedy monster. The problem is that i paid even more of it before and they are quite sure that I have a treasury somewhere.

I don't have that money for now and they gave me 5 days for the search.

In return of a single big investment (you can email me: lowerthanlife(At) I can propose any kind of partnership: you will be able to reveal this whole story exclusively, I will give you an access to all my files, so you can make a film, a book, a blog, a tv program, a youtube video or a public trial process. Just after I pay those money to the policemen and see that you're as interested as me and won't ruin my privacy here - I will produce any information you want.

I will be able to make more videos, audio records, photos, documents, scans and so on "by order": beating prisoners, awful living conditions, humiliation, slavery, cheating, corruption, fraudulent schemes, raping (real gay raping that is called a punishment), forgery of documents, concealment of death and so on and so on. Plus to this I have an access to the network of the prison hospital and their records. And tons of stories of russian prisoners that kind have a lawyer at all and got accused for nothing. Some political prisoners, some scientists being kept for their knowledge that can kill big industries (substition for oil, asphalt), businessmen that got their business ruined or taken away and so on.

I'm not sure that I will find a single Maecenas so any donation is heavily appreciated and non of that money will be spent on the wrong things.

So, i will really appreciate your help:

I'm not a beggar nor a liar. But you need to make the first step. Though it's like a bad lottery for you I swear my freedom you won't regret the results. It can be just fun for you, new hobby or even one of the kindest things you will ever do in your life, who knows. One saved life for now, thousands of lifes in future.

My bitcoin credentials:

BTC: 1nZDJozc5AnhuetPMWSQMRm5fLAwXcAjv
ETHER: 0xc08981d5dd824C343FF57F2694D0e0e8442D20FC
Bitcoin cash: qqyfmxu06dy58qy3xm9tx00my03a9kzvryuz8f2pk8

Any amount would be cool: 0.1-2-5-10 btc or more or less. Any sum will do a great thing in my life and sometimes in life of lots of good people.

We can figure out a donation in another system via any exchange service - so you can email me lowerthanlife[at]

Just a real tour to a russian prison world from the eyes of an innocent person.

P.S. Play this life wheel of fortune game and trust an unknown person and get all that karma dividends and a place in history.

Best regards and appreciate your freedom it's a big gift.


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