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Blender Wallet is a non-custodial anonymous wallet built on three main principles: speed, anonymity, and ease of use.

1. No KYC or AML. We don't care who you are or what you use your wallet for. Registration is free, as well as sending, receiving, and storing funds.
2. A built-in mixer available at any time. We call it a "blender" because it turns your crypto into dust.
3. Exchanging crypto to fiat with minimum fees and no questions asked.
4. Reliability. Security is just as important in the crypto industry as anonymity. When registering, you must save a mnemonic phrase that cannot be hacked.
5. Support service that will quickly and professionally resolve any issues.

Onion: blenderwal4qsydi.onion
Telegram: @BlenderWalletio_English

Here are some of the Blender Wallet advantages:

1. A built-in mixer that "grinds" crypto into dust. There would be no way of tracing the origin of funds. All you need to enable this feature is to click "Use Mixer" on your wallet page.

2. Fee bumping. You can quickly speed up incoming and outgoing transactions with RBF and CPFP mechanisms. You can also regulate the network fees yourself when sending funds.

3. Transaction discarding. That's right. You can cancel transactions that are still in the mempool - click on the corresponding button in the transaction details.

4. Exchanging crypto to fiat in a few clicks without any hidden fees.

5. Sending to multiple recipients. This feature allows you to pay all your employees at once, for example.

Of course, our team is constantly improving the functionality of Blender Wallet. Android app and Telegram Bot are about to be released. You can always leave your feedback on our website - let us know what is currently lacking in the Blender Wallet. We will do our best to take everything into account and inform you about the upcoming improvements.

You can find Blender Wallet here:

Onion: blenderwal4qsydi.onion
Telegram: @BlenderWalletio_English

Please, describe your experience with Blender Wallet in this thread. Your opinion is critical to us 

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I wanted to look at the wallet, but as I understand it, the wallet has problems and the admins are now solving them. I wonder how it will end and what will happen next.

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Sergio Sadinsky


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