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We are very happy to announce that today 7/6/17 is the first day of!
BitcoinStream is a Professional Bitcoin Investing Dashboard Platform that is made to increase your Bitcoin funds overtime, with logic payout rates, times, our fully automated payout system, advertisement specialists with a high budget & crypto currency trading specialist's supporting BitcoinStream in the back we are very confident in paying out every single investor on time and still make decent profit for ourselves for many years to come, but obviously we need you to get started & stay alive long terms!

BitcoinStream offers many amazing features to provide the best and most complete cryptocurrency investing dashboard platform experience you as an investor can find, with 24/7 live support ready to answer any of your questions, competitive ranking lists, VIP Features, Public Chatrooms and more we can truely say that we are unique at this point in time.

Main Website Features:

Live Transaction tables with TXID Links
Personal Investment Addresses
VIP Account features & rates
Competitive Top Rank lists
Fully automated Payout's
Public & VIP Chatroom's
Special Events Calendar
Logic investing plans
Live Site Statistics
24/7 Live Support
& more to come!

Available Investing Plans:
10% Profit : 24 Hours [Minimum Investment: 0.020 BTC]
25% Profit : 48 Hours [Minimum Investment: 0.025 BTC]
35% Profit : 72 Hours [Minimum Investment: 0.030 BTC]
50% Profit : 50 Hours [Minimum Investment: 3.000 BTC]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different between BitcoinStream & others?
BitcoinStream is designed for the investor, as you can notice we've made the perfect platform for everyone, live tables, live competetive ranking, public chatrooms to chat with other investors, VIP chatrooms, VIP payout rates, multiple investment plans and best of all we are top notch secured against any kind of attack.

Are my payouts guaranteed?
Your payouts are secured aslong people are investing and the website stays alive, we have professional's hired to do soft & hard advertisement for us, we are doing everything we can to maintain the website from going down.
We have also specialised ourselves in cryptocurrency trading, this is where our profit comes and this will secure the life time of this website for months combined with active investors BitcoinStream will stay online for years to come!

Do you only accepts Bitcoin?
For general users we do only accept bitcoins but once you've established a VIP status on your account you'llbe able to login to our VIP account panel and enjoy special rates and even multiple cryptocurrency's are allowed to be invested.
VIP Accounts are allowed to invest Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Dash, Blackcoin, Reddcoin & Primecoin.

VIP Warranty (Due high funds)
Every VIP member is guaranteed to receive payouts even when investors activity is low!

How to become VIP?
To receive VIP status on your account your totalinvestments need to have a value of $50.000 as minimum in Bitcoin.
To receive a list of VIP rates upfront contact our live support.

Can i make new investments when old ones are still pending?
Yes you can, we don't maintain any limits on investments, we offer realistic payout rates and therefore we are very confident that we can handle any kind of investment, especially with our own profits made while trading currency's involved when needed.

The FAQ will receive a major update soon!

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