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Not a scam!!!


Hello. I've already written here a couple of times. I remind you that this is not a request for a gratuitous donation. I will refund you all the money with any interest. We can sign the contract officially through a notary. Please believe me. My son has sarcoma and $40,000 is not enough for a vital operation and further rehabilitation. The father of my child and my family turned away from us. I'm not asking for the whole amount... I'm begging for help. This is not a scam. I am ready to give a loan with any interest. Anything...

Honestly, your title does make this sound like a scam. I think that most of us don't have $40,000 to risk. Have you tried reaching out for a loan or through health insurance? Or to do GoFundMe? I would explore all charity options and go through official channels to ask for donations.


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