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Hey guys :)

We are newbielink: [nonactive], a new start-up which allows you to order anything from any website(legal and non-living!), and pay for it using your Bitcoins.  The how is simple, you place your order with us by giving us the URL of the item(s) you want.  We send you an invoice and ask for your shipping details.  Once you've paid in Bitcoins, we place your order for you just as if you would have ordered it yourself.  The order is placed based on the URL and details you give us, and shipped directly to you which is why we ask for your shipping details.

For those of you who are as privacy-minded as we are, please have a look at our cut and dry newbielink: [nonactive] on the site.

We were planning on allowing Anonymous payments using, but since it is down indefinitely we cannot.  However, we will make use of split-payments for those of you who want to make sure that your order is not traced to your Bitcoins.  Since we will be accepting Bitcoins from numerous addresses, and ordering using our accounts on the chosen websites of your products - there is really no definitive way to tie a Bitcoin payment to an order we place, especially if multiple split-payments are made.   Again, this option is only for those of you who want another layer of privacy.  For the rest of you, read our privacy policy regarding your data.

We plan on accommodating orders up to $5,000 in a couple months, and up to $1,000 in a few weeks.  For now, while we iron out our processes, we will be in an open beta and will allow orders up to $100.  We will accept orders above $100 on a case by case basis, just email us at and we will happily help you.

Our goal is to provide the absolute bets customer service possible.  In an effort to do that, we will have live phone support for all orders over $50, as well as live chat support and email support for all orders under $50.  We also have someone who will be monitoring our twitter newbielink: [nonactive], newbielink: [nonactive], and any forum accounts to answer any and every question possible.

The end goal of this and the Bitcoin community is to have all retailers online accept bitcoin - however that is not likely to happen at your larger companies for years if ever.  We plan to bridge that gap for as long as needed, and provide you a way to order anything online you want using your Biotcoins.

We know a lot of trust is needed in a business like ours - the guys over a have helped pave the way for honest start-ups to provide services letting you buy things with Bitcoins you cant otherwise.  In an effort to be as transparent as possible, in the next few weeks we will be moving into new offices in South FL where we live, and our office address will be listed.  We invite any of you to stop by and see for yourself, we are not a disappearing scam, but instead we are in it for the long-haul and have a few surprises coming in the months ahead that we hope will shake up the Bitcoin marketplace everywhere.

Thank you guys for reading!
Justin W,
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