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Tired of money?


Tired of money?

Do you feel unhappy about having money? You feel that you are rich, but at the same time lonely and cannot share your joy with someone. You understand that you have achieved a lot, and then it’s not so interesting: you bought what you wanted for a long time. You started driving, bought gifts for family and friends. You buy nice clothes and a new iPhone every year. But you still feel devastated. Every new dollar doesn't make you happier?

I have a solution. I will spend your money.

My name is Vlad, I'm a guy from Belarus, I'm 25. I'm hungry for life. I work as a pretty successful marketer for a large company and I make $ 1,000 a month. But at some point I realized that my job does not allow me to earn more in order to live happily. I am stuck where I am now. But I want to do more interesting things - do art and investment - and not think about how to pay utility bills or buy clothes.

Therefore, I want to spend your money. True. I will not say that I need money for a noble cause. I want to become richer and reach the level of thinking of successful people. Feel the joy of buying my first car, buy the first share of the company in my life and live a life that I will not regret in my old age.

I suggest you become part of the story to make 1 person happier. For no reason or need.

Several questions that I want to answer:

1) "What goal do you want to achieve?"
- I want to raise 1,000,000$ in 2021.

2) "Wow, you have a good appetite. Why would I give you money?"
Take off the burden of money. A person needs as much money as he and his descendants can spend. At some point, you realize that you become unhappy with each new dollar or bitcoin. I propose to remove from you the burden that is growing every day. Become freer and more honest with yourself.

3) "Are you only interested in money?"
- No. Money is not an end, but the way not to think about money. Huh, paradoxical? :) I am not materialistic, but I just want to think about more important things than money.

4) "But you can earn them, just work harder"
- At a certain point it worked. But when I reached a certain salary, I realized that if I work not 12 hours a day, but 16, my salary will hardly change. I love my country and do not want to leave it, I want to live my life here, but I don’t want to live it with such an income. Bigger deeds require more.

5) "I see. What are your plans after reaching the goal?"
- I want to create a website that will exist for 30 years. On it I will post information about myself and what I managed to buy and do. On it I will place the name of each backer who wishes it. Even after 20 years, you will be able to show your children and friends that you once became a part of the life of a person whom you did not know personally, but made you happier.

6) "I am ready, spend my money. How can I become a backer?"
- In any way convenient for you. My wallets:
BTC: bc1qwahws0jcyhglc2z9zf7cj8thvlarmmd6gnj2vl
BCN: bitcoincash: qr7w0k22t6sc0st5s5p025p8he80mzhgnsus89ydzf
ETH: 0x9D8Fe0E31a6C85B6E31dEd4145d3bE6407358cc2
XRP: rGJ6MYN1q7DUrWPkL6dp1EjajuYyKJSCqm

7) "I want to chat with you"
- Of course. You can write to me at

Let's make one person happier. Let’s set you free.


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