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Author Topic: announced they now accepts bitcoin  (Read 2804 times)

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    • announced they now accepts bitcoin
« on: October 17, 2012, 12:52:22 AM » announced they now accepts bitcoin.

Tuesday 16th of October 2012 08:30:03 AM (by quark)

As few people might have noticed, we now accept donations in bitcoin. We strongly believe that it is the best way for someone to pay. Bitcoin payments safeguard your privacy and protect your anonymity. We are strong believers of the Bitcoin, and for this reason, we will add extra months of VIP access to anyone that choses to pay in bitcoin.

In detail:
* For a 3 month VIP subscription you get 1 month extra
* For a 6 month VIP subscription you get 2 months extra
* For a 12 month VIP subscription you get 3 months extra

This offer is only valid if you pay with bitcoin, and includes new vip subscriptions and renewals of existing subscriptions.

We have prepared a wiki article with information about Bitcoin and the simplest ways to get bitcoins:

Take care

Heads up! They are a well know torrent tracker with 500k users.
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Re: announced they now accepts bitcoin
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2012, 01:59:57 PM »
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