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How To Trade On Reflection Platform - Demo Trading Guide
« on: February 06, 2023, 11:27:13 AM »

your ads here is an emerging stock token trading platform, where you can buy and sell crypto tokens associated with the stocks of popular companies like Apple, Google, and many more.

The online trading of stock tokens on the platform is not live, as of yet, and is expected to be started soon. In the meantime, you can try out the demo trading feature to get an idea of how the platform works and how to buy and sell stock tokens on It involves buying dummy stock tokens using dummy money. Here’s a detailed guide.

Reflection Stock Token Trading - Step by Step Guide
To start with, you need to have a MetaMask wallet account, which you can create at

Step 1: Creating a MetaMask Wallet Account
Search Google for MetaMask. Open the first link that says Click on ‘Install MetaMask for Chrome.’

Add to chrome. Add extension.

Now, you can access the MetaMask extension from your chrome browser. Pin it to your Chrome toolbar for quick access.

Click on the MetaMask extension. It will take you to the MetaMask website to create a new wallet.

Click on ‘Create a new wallet’. Agree. Enter a secure password for your wallet account. Re-enter. Agree. Create a new wallet.

Skip. Next. Done. Welcome to your MetaMask wallet. As you can see, there is 0 money in your wallet. But, worry not, we’re going to add some dummy crypto right away.

Step 2: Adding (Dummy) Funds to MetaMask
Copy your MetaMask wallet address (you can find it right under the account name).

Now, type the following address in the search bar (replace [your_metamask_wallet_address] with your wallet address).[your_metamask_wallet_address]

Congratulations! Dummy crypto has been loaded into your wallet. You’re ready to buy some stock tokens.

Step 3: Buying Stock Tokens on
Visit Click on ‘Connect Wallet’. Select MetaMask and accept the connection. It will connect your MetaMask wallet to

You may see the error - Unsupported Network. Please change the network to Goerli. This is because we’re using dummy crypto for demo trading. To change the network, click on the MetaMask extension in the toolbar.

Click on the dropdown at the top. Click on show/hide test networks. Set ‘Show test network’ as ON. Click on the dropdown again. Now, you can see the Goerli test network in the list. Select it. Now, you’re connected and ready to buy.

As of now, your stock token portfolio on should be empty, as you have not purchased any tokens yet. In the watch list, you can see the available stock tokens to buy/trade.

Click on the $ sign against a stock token that you want to purchase. In the next step, you can enter the number of tokens (shares) you want to buy or the amount of BUSD that you want to spend. It will show you the final amount. Click on ‘Submit Order’.

MetaMask will process the order after you ‘Confirm’ the transaction. Click on ‘Add token’ to add your purchased stock token to your MetaMask wallet.

Once the order is successful, your stock tokens will appear in the wallet shortly. You can check the same on the dashboard as well as in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4: Selling Stock Tokens on the Reflection Platform
The procedure to sell stock tokens on is the same. Click the sell icon for the stock token you wish to sell on your Reflection dashboard. Enter the number of tokens you wish to sell or select the link for all tokens. Click on Submit Order.

Once the order is successful, your stablecoins will appear in your wallet shortly.

Feel free to contact us if you face any issues while trading on the Reflection stock token platform.


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