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Author Topic: Three future government use cases; Part 2 of our series Spotcoin x Government  (Read 2067 times)

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At Spotcoin, we are thrilled by the sheer amount of blockchain growth and opportunities. The new technology is working to upend, alter, and refine financial systems, food and agricultural tracking, real estate records, medical transactions, and secure government systems. According to a 2017 Deloitte Study, governments around the world are embracing the potential: a transformation from stuffy bureaucracy to streamlined, efficient, secure systems.

Today, we want to highlight three government use cases that demonstrate how blockchain technology works for everyone.

- Georgia: Reinventing the Tax System
The newly-appointed prime minister in our home base country, Georgia, announced this week that his government will explore how to use blockchain to administer all taxes across the country except for value added tax.

- A Fully Digital Government in Dubai
In December 2017, Dubai announced their goal of running the entire city’s government on blockchain technology by 2020. Government administration is a burdensome bureaucracy based on paperwork.

- Identity Verification in the United Kingdom
Switching gears from the financial systems, the United Kingdom is investigating potential blockchain technologies for identity management. Every day there’s a new headline about data breaches and stolen identities. The result is that personal data is no longer as personal we might expect.

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