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Author Topic: Crypto trading and mobile apps  (Read 2631 times)

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Crypto trading and mobile apps
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:05:40 AM »
Cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly popular, and therefore new specific applications appear to monitor the selected coins’ rates and make deals with them
Mobile apps for crypto trading
As the capacity of mobile devices with powerful processors increases, there is a need in mobile apps for crypto transactions.
Digital currency has drastically changed the world of finance, and it cannot be underestimated.
No matter whether we speak about BTC, ETH, Litecoin or Ripple, cryptocurrencies represent a new stage of the economic development. Why?
The point is that they are becoming valuable, moreover, the potential of digital coins is now recognized by governments and financial institutions, so they will not disappear in the future.
As a result, crypto trading has become an effective way to make money. But it also has some peculiarities: in particular it is important to continuously monitor all of your assets.
Not every crypto exchange can boast of high functionality. There are a number of iOS and Android mobile apps that enable investors to trade crypto. They are very important for traders that travel a lot and have to check currency quotes and manage assets without any limits.
If you want to start crypto trading in your smartphone you need just to download a necessary app from App Store or Google Play, install it and log in.
It is also worth to note the two-factor authentication that might be necessary for identity verification. You need to enter an SMS-code on a certain phone or to confirm it via your email.
Currently, one of the most advanced tools for crypto deals is SpaceBot. With the help of this service, PRIZM holders have got an opportunity to receive coins by means of paramining. It also has a mobile version we are going to talk about. - is a transparent and effective tool to increase paramining rate and accumulate PRIZM coins. It let each of the users to get up to 27% of PZM by paramining anywhere in the world - all you need is your mobile phone.

How does work?
The number of coins increases due to the unique technology called paramining.
The income rate depends on two factors: the amount of coins in a personal wallet and the accounts of one’s partners in the 88-level affiliate program.
Once you’ve joined SpaceBot this transparent technology starts to work due to the equitable distribution of coins, and each user gets a maximum return because of the high reward rate.
The amount of coins that one receives a day depends on the account balance. benefits
● Daily coin distribution
● Possibility to withdraw PRIZM at any time
● Advantageous affiliate program consisting of 9 levels (starting with 6% at the entry level)
● All transactions of a wallet are indicated on the blockchain
● Simple and convenient in use
● The community growing fast because of the MLM paramatrix implementation
● Additional bonuses and possibilities for the project’s active participants
All of these benefits have helped the app to gain increasing popularity and millions of users joining the PRIZM community.


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