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Author Topic: Minter Network review: a step forward on the crypto market  (Read 2116 times)

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Minter Network review: a step forward on the crypto market
« on: March 16, 2020, 05:13:50 PM »

From the moment of its creation, Bitcoin has been a symbol of brand force and technology which underpin its success, and that is the key to the success of the whole market. But isn’t it time for the next step?[/size] Cryptocurrencies of a new generationMinter – is a blockchain network created by the largest Russian-speaking Telegram crypto community DeCenter which was established by a team of highly-skilled professionals in the field of blockchain.This network is designed for everyday use supporting the cash ratio and remaining without intermediaries.To this end, Minter Network has created a new crypto - BIP. Creation of BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment) is the key step in the development of Minter.Cryptocurrencies of the new generation enable companies, content creators,  service providers and community leaders to emit their own coins with BIP support.  Addressing the real need in fast, effective and reliable environment for exchangesEach coin has a BIP value, so users can easily exchange it for another Minter Network coins, and for the main coins like BTC and ETH. The project’s legal team has developed a conception which allows to exchange BIP and other Minter coins for fiat currencies like US dollars.It takes about 5 seconds to complete a transaction using Minter Network, and the transaction fee is less than 0.01$. These are transactions with instant and absolute liquidity (any coin to be exchanged for BTC and ETH, and then for GRAM and USD) for all issued coins.Currently, the project has already launched a multi-functional Telegram bot Bip Stake Bot, a wallet for Telegram bots, Android, iOS and a console that enables users to send and receive coins in the familiar environment.Here are some of the unique features:* Transparency and stability* Decentralized business model* Data integrity* Elimination of intermediaries* Improved security, and more. The first blockchain project for integration with the open Telegram network (TON) Minter Network uses Telegram Passport for its KYC intended for verifying the user’s identity. Minter has become the first blockchain project to integrate the identity service for investors.Due to Telegram Passport the KYC procedure takes only a few minutes, and that’s just a beginning.In the process of TON’s integration Minter provided users with the opportunity to transfer any coins to the TON blockchain.Besides this, the coin transferring function makes it possible for Minter to use the TON smart contracts. The TON payment service enables users to make micro transactions with Minter coins and Lightning network. This is very profitable for companies that often deal with small transactions (for example, charge for advertising services). How to make money off BIPSince the beginning of the last year investors have been deeply interested in the project: it has become not less popular than PRIZM. In order to get a BIP asset one need to use a Telegram bot BIP Stake Bot (PRIZM SpaceBot analogue). The bot makes it possible for investors to get up to 27% income just for using BIP.In short, you buy BIP crypto with Bip Stake Bot and invest it. From that moment on you will get a 0,7 - 0,9% profit every day depending on your balance.  There is also a referral program consisting of 8 levels but in order to participate in it one should have at least 600 BIP in the investing account. ConclusionAll the investors who deal with Prizm Space Bot have no doubt about its profitability. The constantly rising income from PZM paramining and the unique referral system have appealed to numerous traders. That’s what’ll happen to BIP and Bip Stake Bot. The crypto investment profit has never been as high as it is now due to these two projects.


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