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Join PurpleX - The Next Revolution in Blockchain and Crypto Trading Space

What is PurpleX?

A next-gen, decentralized cryptoasset future exchange platform based on advanced blockchain technology. It allows for direct peer-to-peer crypto transactions at a cost much lower than any centralized exchange.

Purplex is a cryptocurrency exchange derivative that provides leveraged tokens, futures, and Purplex trading.

PurpleX aims to create a truly decentralized and first of its kind blockchain ecosystem where users would be able to access all blockchain utility services under one roof.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

❇️ To enable people from around the world to govern their money and protect their data and identity through the accelerated transition of cryptocurrency adoption.

Our Vision

✅ Democratizing cryptocurrency technology by designing simple, beautiful, and valuable financial services that positively and everlasting impact on everyone’s lives.

PurpleX Cryptocurrency

PurpleX coin is a virtual asset powered by the Binance blockchain technology. It’s a non-fungible, but transferable digital asset stored in a Smart Wallet and managed through a Smart Contract.

Technology: Binance blockchain

Ticker: PRPL

Total Supply: 1 billion

PurpleX Features

❇️ Advanced technologies - Binance blockchain.

❇️ A unique, 3-tiered liquidation model

❇️ 100% Decentralized Exchange - a smart contract that lives on the internet and can execute transactions 24x7.

❇️ Safe & Secure - Binance Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) + impeccable security of blockchain

❇️ User-friendly Interface - divided into three levels based on user type and offering great trading experience.

❇️ Instant & Cross-compatible - Supports many devices. Trade anywhere. Safe and convenient. Access and use funds anytime, anywhere.

❇️ Strong & Distributed - not regulated or controlled by a central bank or government.

❇️ Immutable Smart Contract - blockchain-based digital contracts that are impossible to hack and cannot be changed or corrupted, even by its own creators.

PurpleX Benefits

Our Platform offers the following products:

❇️ 100% Online - All funds are distributed among members. No hidden fees. The contract balance is always zero.

❇️ High liquidity through a unique liquidity provider program

❇️ Instant credit of earnings to a user’s wallet for all buy and sell transactions on the exchange. No intermediaries or third parties are involved.

❇️ Excellent Transparency in transactions with open smart contract code that can be easily verified in case of disputes.

❇️ Complete anonymity for traders and PurpleX holders. No actual name ever needed to trade.

❇️ Decentralized control, which means there is no owner, admin or leader. All users are the owners of their respective data, wallets and funds on PurpleX.

❇️ Fully Automated - PurpleX is fully autonomous. It is run through smart contracts and owned by its users.


✅ Meta & Other Social Media Platforms For Advertisement

✅ Swapping On All Exchanges & Assets

Official Website:


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