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Title: [ANN] RAM Token - 1st Pre-Sale Started - 66% Discount - Join Us
Post by: support_ramtoken on March 19, 2018, 06:00:48 AM

Hi to everyone,
The only reason for each of us to be in this system is to make money. To make a profitable investment as an individual and make money from it is the main goal. Nobody can deny it!

This is what we, RAM token, are trying to do in the system. Ok, how is RAM token going to do it? That`s the main question? The answer is below:

In short terms, RAM token will invest in mining pool with “0” commission from the first pre-sale. The first pre-sales RAM token owners will make 100 % profit. You can see that in. This period is going to be maximum 2 weeks.

Our second pre-sale, the RAM tokens will cost 0.10$. As the sales will start, incomes will be used for buying ASIC machines for build the farm. In our road map, it shows that we thought to build the farm end of 2018, but why to loose time?

So what are we going to do after building the ASIC farm?

You know, that the difficulty ratings of a single ASIC machine are in an ever-increasing system is insufficient. But if we are going to think about our first target, 10.000 ASIC machines, what if we continuously increase the machines? This not a questions, that`s fact. Why not to do it together? We did our calculations, 10.000 ASIC machines will every day receive one block as award (12.5 BTC) and also will mine 10 BTC. Now here I will tell you, how the RAM token owners will make profits. After the third sales, we will start to trade in Stock Exchange for 0.15$. With this value RAM token from the first and second pre-sale are going to profit 50 and 100%. But there is a reason for you not sell the RAM tokens that you have bought, you will get daily paid for every token which you aren`t mining from us. You will make profit in the Stock Exchange market because the value will grow. You are also going to make profit of dialing mining BTC and Block awards. 60% of the benefit of RAM tokens you will earn BTC. 40% we will use for expenses like electricity, new ASIC machines, personnel expenses and taxes.

For example, you own 100.000 RAM and in the system are 300.000.000 RAM. And the ASIC farms are daily making 22 BTC profits. 60% of 22 BTC equals 13,2 BTC. This 13,2 BTC will be devided to 300.000.000 RAM. So will be calculated the worth of 1 RAM. When you multiply 1 RAM worth with the RAM you own, you will get your profit.

13,2 BTC / 3.000.000 => 0.000000044 BTC = 1 RAM

100.000 RAM x 0.000000044 BTC = 0.0044 BTC (34$ / daily ad 1.020$ / monthly)


Investors are investing in all the tokens with the expectation that they will gain value in the stock exchange. If you invest in RAM token, you don`t need to wait for the price increase on the stock exchange market to win. Thanks to the ASIC farm gain, you will only be able to earn because you own the RAM token. If you continue with the up-front calculation, you will earn your investment in RAM token in 5 months. Also every day will increase the profit thanks to the growing ASIC farm.

The operation of the system will be done in this way. Our goal is to create a profitable system for everyone and keep this system alive.  Home Page : ram-token