Author Topic: HEIDI tokenises the sustained delivery of trans-generational social impact.  (Read 1344 times)

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HEIDI is a Swiss crypto-token which tokenises the sustained delivery of trans-generational social impact.

We are witnessing the devastating effects that modern day capitalism has brought to our everyday lives. Climate crisis, income disparity, consumer plastification, deforestation and endangered biodiversity ring a call to immediate action. A radical paradigm shift is required to disrupt today’s status quo. This paradigm shift begins with transforming education and entrepreneurship in a way that delivers new disruptive products and services to market and promotes the wellbeing of the planet.

The Answer Lies in Tokenisation of Sustainable Innovation

HEIDI is a Swiss crypto payment and utility token which delivers sustainable social impact through the creation of an unprecedented circular economy and innovation pipeline of Education, Research, and Social Entrepreneurship.

HEIDI is a Swiss investment grade cryptocurrency because it is a stable storage of value based on its fungibility and ever increasing utility within the sustainable circular economy that is created by the model.

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