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Author Topic: Introduction to MATCH Token, Utility Token for DeFi and DeBet  (Read 1438 times)

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Introduction to MATCH Token, Utility Token for DeFi and DeBet
« on: January 06, 2021, 03:39:31 PM »
Background of MATCH token
Blockchain is a technology that leverages decentralized networks and is not exclusively managed by a single participant. There are many decentralized networks available on the internet nowadays. Many developers convinced the potential investors to invest their money into their products. In reality, most of them did not have a clear vision to ensure the ecosystem can actively use the created tokens or coins to make people are attracted. Thus, the value of tokens is decreasing over time.
On the other hand, the decentralized networks offer many great opportunities to those aware of the potential. A couple of years ago, a group of people introduced decentralized finance to keep the price of a coin pegged to the U.S. dollar in a decentralized manner. As part of the ecosystem, investors have the same beliefs about this type of financial modeling. Therefore, the appropriate economic model can stabilize the value of a token at the desired level.
Based on prior explanations, the combination of an attractive platform and financial modeling throughout a decentralized network can produce a priceless token for its holders. Therefore, the MATCH token exists as a result of months of planning and relentless effort aimed to bring the most optimum value of a decentralized network through Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) and Decentralized Betting (De-Bet).
The MATCH token is launched along with a series of Private Sale and Pre-Sale events shortly, as part of our major milestone in building trust in our potential token holders.
More about MATCH token
MATCH token is developed by a group of people who want to share equal opportunities with the token holders through a decentralized network. MATCH token leverages the decentralized (blockchain) network because we believe as a token, it can become a priceless token to the holders. While at the same time to be used on an application that provides secure and transparent transactions on top of a smart contract designed to get all involved persons to have the same opportunities to grow their accounts.
As mentioned earlier, there will be Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) and Decentralized Betting (De-Bet). All of them require integrity and transparency in the calculation. Thus, no one could get more benefits than others. The deployed codes will be subject to audit by the accredited body. Throughout the audit process, we would like to ensure the token holders' trust can generate positive results with integrity and transparency on top of everything. The healthy ecosystem will grow by itself, and many people could benefit from the ecosystem exponentially.

Highlighted facts about MATCH token
The first Decentralized Bet token in TRON Network
A decentralized application (DApp) named De-Bet, a transparent and trusted sports betting, can actively use the MATCH token. Moreover, De-Bet is the first decentralized betting for sports in the TRON network. De-Bet is a platform running on top of Smart Contract that will trigger transactions automatically based on match results without any single interference that can alter the results.
A token which applies Decentralized Finance model to deliver Token Mining
The other way to grow the holders' accounts passively is through a liquidity stake in Decentralized Finance. The token holders can earn 0.3% Swap Fee and MATCH tokens through mining based on existing APY (Annual Percentage Yield). All calculations are performed transparently in the background without any human interference and purely mathematical logarithm and financial investment fusion.
Passive and active growth offered by the platform is rare nowadays. We want to fill the gap to provide an excellent ecosystem to build beneficial economic results for the token holders via financial modeling as described in prior passages. Swap Fee and Token Mining supplied by the platform can bring exponential results to the holders while having the increased value.
Operating on top of a high resiliency platform
MATCH token is using the TRON Network that is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems (Supported by 1,332 nodes) in the world. The token leverages the TRON network because it offers high-throughout, high-availability, and high-scalability.
The other decentralized networks offer similar benefits to ours, but they charge higher costs and require more time to perform transactions than the TRON Network. Those two primary factors are the main reasons we deploy our products on top of TRON Network, rendering swift transactions with the lowest fees (near-zero cost) than other smart contract networks.
MATCH token Goals
We are planning to sustain and grow together with our investors and the ecosystem. As our ICO, the Private Sale and Pre-Sale aim to raise the necessary funds required to ultimately develop and market the MATCH platform to achieve its set objectives. The following roadmap depicts our upcoming milestones.

Visit us at
See you there and let's grab success together  :) is now implementing a dual token structure, “Utility-Security”:

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