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Hello, everyone. Have you heard of mintMe?
mintMe is aiming to become a prominent platform for creators and investors, since there you can create and trade your own tokens based on the Webchain Blockchain, which has been around for a while now and I’ve seen pretty good reviews of the WEBchain coin.
There you can personalize your tokens and add some value to them in Webchain coins. If you offer for sale 1.000.000 units of your token in 0.001 webchain coins each you can back them up with your projects or content products like songs, videos, designs, or a comment on social media and sell them to make them fluctuate. You can also have an investor’s approach: there you can find a chart with all of the tokens that have been created and you can read each creator’s profile, even study if any token in particular catches your attention.
In mintMe You would need to have Webchain coins in your wallet first to start purchasing the tokens you like, After that, you can either offer them for a higher price or hold them to see if the fluctuation works out in your favor, just like a trading chart is supposed to operate. Webchain coins are great in my opinion, because there are about six exchanges where you can get Webchain coins already and you can also get them through mining, using Webchain’s miner or a javascript miner that’s very popular right now called CoinIMP. 
I already made my first token and I’m on to discovering all of the good things about this new platform. Please try it as well, I’d like to read other views about it. I think it's great because you can use mintMe as either a creator or an investor or both at the same time.

What do you think about this platform? Have you tried it yet?


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