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Do You Heared About Cryptokitties?


Cryptokitties are the first use case of Non-Fungible Tokens. This game allows the user to buy, sell and trade unique digital assets in the form of virtual cats. The most popular platform in use for the development of Non-Fungible tokens is ERC-721 Protocol.

Non-fungible tokens create a form of digital scarcity that can be verified without the need for a centralized authority to confirm validity. It is this fundamental scarcity that gives the tokens to their value.

To know more about NFT Development, ping here - +91 9843555651.

I know cryptokitties, but never connect it with NFT

I heard about such a token as MBS

Dora WalletInvestor:
Yes, I have heard about cryptokitties. I find it a really interesting project, seems like one of a kind. And very cute. :)

Yes, heard about Cryptokitties long time ago


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