Author Topic: How to use metamask to buy HEX token and get rich!!!  (Read 2646 times)

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How to use metamask to buy HEX token and get rich!!!
« on: April 26, 2020, 07:03:27 AM »

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As some of you may now know cryptocurrency is making its big debut. With large gains of over 1800% in a single swoop; HEX happens to be one of those cryptocurrencies that just hit the market a few months ago that could go viral! The currency is based on the “coin*” ethereum which I use asterisk for because it is technically not a coin but that is for another article.
So as many skeptics might say, there are many coins out there, well in this case HEX is in fact a token, an ethereum based token. Acquiring it will be described below but first why?
Without getting too much into the details, HEX is THE FIRST HIGH-INTEREST BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT, it is also FREE FOR BITCOIN HOLDERS. Today I saw it go from $0.00086 to $0.00146 in one transaction. How many more like that can we expect? Time will tell.
If you are interested check out my site : hexrewards
There you will be able to read some more jargon and decide for yourself. But I would like to first educate on how to buy the token.
First, you need ether. Get yourself some bitcoin and trade it in for ethereum or use [censored] and get ethereum that way with a card, either way, that is a pretty simple step so I will skip it.
Second get metamask, an extension for chrome that acts as an ethereum wallet and transacts with the browser directly. Again simple, get the extension to sign up, save the keys and so on.
Third and VERY IMPORTANT. As a thank you to me and you for onboarding, by using my link at the top of the page at : hexrewards right above the robot, you will get 10% more HEX if you click that link and it will give me a little bonus as well. It is considered a referral bonus and you can use it too.
That will take you to the main page. Make sure to connect metamask and add the token to your account on metamask. Then go to transform and it's self-explanatory from there. Just remember to stake. The longer the better. The larger the better. There is a BIG PAYDAY bonus just shy of 1 year from inception. You can read about it on the website if interested. I recommend going the full length of 5555 days from the current day. You can always stake after too. Endstaking is dangerous but can be done.
For Bitcoin, you can go to claim. Same thing self-explanatory but one caveat. You have to have owned the BTC before the snapshot which was before December 2, 2019, but not much before that date.


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