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Is there any token that is best in future? Your Prediction?


Guyz I m finding a new token that is best in future.I want to invest in tokens.

Well, you'll have to carry out self-evaluation based on certain points. Because it will not be a good practice to follow someone's advice on which token to invest in. If the prediction by an expert goes wrong, you'll have to suffer even if its not your fault.

Here are the points:
•   Look out for the team behind its development. The team should be highly qualified and experienced in the field of cryptocurrency.
•   Have a look at their goal. The success of their coin depends on the robustness of their goal.
•   Check out their roadmap, how they will roll out their features in the given timeline.
•   Evaluate the coin based on its market cap, check out the track changes in the past 7 days.
•   Based on the above points, filter out the cryptocurrencies whose value is less than or equivalent to one dollar. Because it will require little funds to invest and as many people will invest in it considering it as “cheap”, its value will rise quickly. Thus, giving you good returns.
•   Check out cryptocurrency websites like CoinMarketCap to assess the better performing coins based on their ranking.
•   Keep checking on discussion forums and news updates to see which ICO provider is performing better compared to others.
•   Invest in cryptocurrencies who have maximum circulation and limited supply. Because of its limited supply, its value will rise.
•   Analyse the charts and volume growth of the cryptocurrencies, as the ones having accelerating graph and bigger volume are likely to perform well in future.

Good Luck!

Hey Rahim,
 I m invested in awax token.I think this is best token in future.And in Awax there are many option like blockchain.
Such as awax wallet,awax bank credit card or debit cards.Thats why i choose awax.I suggest u to choose awax.

MCan Coin is backed by a company that has an annual audited turnover of $60 million and will grow 10x in next 3 years.

Michael Richard:
I don’t really worry about any token. I only focus on the major options like Bitcoin and news around it. With the recent development of SEC to postpone the decision on the Bitcoin ETF for 45 days, so this is what made the whole Crypto community sit up and brought MASSIVE dip across. It’s kind of news that you got to follow because it moves the whole market in certain way.


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