Author Topic: It's the Best time to invest in Crypto !! - Best Picks - Eth , TNX , NEO ,LALA  (Read 6186 times)

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The Market is in bears and is expected to fall even more . It is best time to invest in recent Altcoins which got listed . Promising Coins like LALA,ETHOS, EOS among top pics. Reason is these Tokens got actual usecases and the price is quite affordable. With the return of Bulls and strategic investment, I think its best time of the decade for those who have enough purchasing power to take risk,might hit Lambos in coming year.

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LALA, ETHOS are not anywhere near the first 20 cryptos by market caps. I think it is wise to invest in coins that have proven to be solid and have a strong potential to grow in the future. Ripple and Verge is the best to invest in at the moment considering their price level.

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Yeah, there is no question about this. The industry is at its peak and making the investment right now I truly amazing, but it is obvious that we need to be very careful and make the right move. It is crucial not to try and predict unless it is very obvious, so always do things on available facts.

I do that only and the easy way out is to watch every development that occurs in the market, especially in China much like the current news about Chinese Banks pushing towards the Blockchain technology.


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